On the websites of large online retailers, you can now buy almost everything. In the world of online freelancing, the situation is almost the same. People offer different services on Fiverr type websites.

One of the most popular platforms in the world is Fiverr. For most services, users charge only $ 5. Service was founded in 2010 in Tel Aviv by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. Micha Kaufman needed to transfer a chart from Microsoft Word to Excel: the task was too simple to hire an individual specialist for it but time-consuming to fulfill it by himself.

But Fiverr type websites faced a serious problem. Freelancers enter a crowded environment with high competition and low income stability. To continue to receive orders, they have to reduce the cost of their services, as customers want to find the most advantageous offer.

So if you want to build a Fiverr clone remember about the weak points of the freelance platform and copy only those that succeded.

Fiverr’s best features

No doubt all the features in this list are necessary for a site like Fiverr:

  • Easy payment procedure
  • Statistics of offers and performers.
  • System of reviews and ratings.
  • System of filters (by rating, popularity, etc.).

How to build a website like Fiverr with CS-Cart Fiverr script

There is nothing impossible with CS-Cart. Any project can be launched with CS-Cart software. CS-Cart users say it has a perfect price-functionality ratio and is perfect to quickly start a marketplace and test the business idea without spending thousands of dollars.

If you want to start a site like Fiverr you should try CS-Cart Multi-Vendor as an easy-customizable and powerful software for any multiple vendors website. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a professional highly customizable online marketplace software with 100% access to the source code.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor users say it has a perfect price-functionality ratio and allows quickly to start an online project and test the business idea without spending thousands of dollars.

As for the Fiverr clone CS-Cart Multi-Vendor provides all the must-have features and even more:

  • over 70 built-in payment methods
  • comments, reviews, and ratings
  • a mobile application
  • open-source code
  • several updates and releases a year
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has over 500 functions on board: SEO tools, promotions, reward points, and other marketing tools, functions for vendors, reports and analytics, and more.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor scores 92 points out of 100 in the Google PageSpeed test, which is Google’s green zone.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has an open-source code: it allows you to customize your Fiverr clone and create new add-ons if you need it. About 300 certified developers all over the world work with CS-Cart.

CS-Cart provides users with the richest documentation and video tutorials.

Also when you buy CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, you get 3 months of free premium technical support.

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