As you probably know, electronic commerce, or ecommerce, is the way of doing business online. It basically includes buying, selling and marketing products or services, making them available to the wide local or international audience. This method of running a business has become one of the most popular today as it allows to achieve considerable success within a short period of time, with minimal efforts and investments involved. And since the very time the Internet has become available to the wide public, overall number of businesses switching to Internet-powered technologies is continually increasing.

If you also have decided to establish your own online presence, then you will probably need related electronic commerce software that includes necessary components and tools to let your business run online. is the only online destination you may require when thinking over launching a web store as here you will be offered a wide selection of standalone electronic commerce systems designed to let you take advantage of all the benefits the Internet market has to offer.

CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor Overview

Today, we are ready to provide you with two multifunctional shopping cart tools: CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, where the first one is ideal for any web store creation and multiple store operation needs whereas the second one will suit ideally virtual shopping malls will numerous independent vendors. Every our electronic commerce solution is 100% open source, which means that you can configure it further the way you need and even extend its initial functionality.

As soon as CS-Cart is fully integrated in your website, it immediately starts working to provide your clients with a user-friendly and convenient shopping experience: online shopping carts, payment gateways and other built-in ecommerce options to let them easily browse through your web store, choose products to purchase, place them in a shopping cart and make necessary orders.

This smart electronic commerce software also takes care of your ultimate convenience: it provides your staff with the fullest possible toolkit to allow them keep track of all sales accomplished through your website, have control of all your products and services offered, manage inventory, orders, shipping options, etc.