Published: Aug 6, 2014 Last updated: Aug 6, 2014 Yan Kulakov

Today online businesses are expanding in a very rapid pace. A lot of your competitors have been already probably acting on the web market, that's why new vendors are usually team up with each other to succeed. This is a really viable way to make a business successful and gain a loyal customer base. The more partners are involved in the process, the more profit a multi-vendor store can bring. Partners are able to deliver all their deals just through a single storefront, but stay independent. How do you like this idea?

What can be better than creating a large multiple vendor online marketplace with an extensive product showcase? In addition, your clients will no longer spend their precious time while surfing the Internet to find a required item as from now on they're able to choose different product types within a single online destination. Do you realize all the advantages of such an ecommerce web platform? Then is here to offer you our cutting-edge Multi-Vendor Software. With the help of this solution it's possible to create virtual shopping malls with the innumerable departments and independent retailers.

Multi-Vendor Software

While using a multi-vendor online ecommerce platform a web store owner is getting totally isolated business environment where multiple vendors can manage their sales independently. A single storefront allows the website admin to get full control over all processes that relate to transactions. Though every one of your vendors will have access to his/her own separate admin panel and use his/her own shipping methods. A root administrator tracks payment flows and allots profits between different merchants. It means that money is distributed in accordance with the history of orders which is tracked on the basis of the number of vendors supplying the purchased products. Moreover, a customer will be able to select different type of shipping at checkout. In addition, our ecommerce web platform provides an organized bookkeeping service as it records all vendor payouts consistently.

Before trying our product please make sure that your host has a PHP version 5.3 to 5.4 installed and MySQL version 4.1 or higher. To know more about other system requirements read our online specification. After that you can install Multi-Vendor Software on your web server and take all related advantages it has to offer.

Imagine that all this functionality just out-of-the-box you can get for $1450 (a perpetual license) or $590/year. If you're not completely satisfied with the product for some reason, we will return your money back in accordance with our 30-day refund policy!

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