Published: Jul 23, 2012 Last updated: Jul 23, 2012 Yan Kulakov

Starting up an ecommerce web project is definitely one of the most efficient and still affordable ways to improve your brand awareness and increase sales and conversions in times. First of all, you will have to design and develop your ecommerce venture. However, with the online market getting more and more saturated, you should pay much more efforts, time and creativity to the whole process to ensure overall online business success. When building up an ecommerce website, it's very important to create an absolutely unique and attractive design as well as pay maximum attention to the functionality, so that your website may gain a competitive advantage over other similar projects.

Whether you're planning to launch a small online store or large virtual shopping mall handling thousands of products, you will certainly benefit from using CS-Cart - all-in-one, flexible and still reasonably priced ecommerce website development software designed to deliver you a hassle-free ecommerce experience.

CS-Cart Overview

CS-Cart is a PHP-based ecommerce shopping cart platform built using industry-leading open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Smarty template engine, CSS-based layouts and many others to empower you with everything you may require to build a sophisticated, full-fledged and competitive project and keep it always up-to-date. It can be an obvious choice for those who build a new standalone web store from scratch and those adding an ecommerce functionality to their existing websites alike.

While being fully packed with a wide selection of the most advanced tools and options, every one of our CS-Cart Editions is ranked as a convenient and user-friendly ecommerce website builder program. Through their intuitive, user-friendly administrative panels you can manage your inventory, import and export products, manage categories, control ordering, payment and delivery processes, conduct marketing and promotional campaigns, etc.

With CS-Cart you can sell any type of products and services, including physical items, various virtual products such as software solutions, applications, audio tracks, ebooks and also manage subscriptions. Moreover, due to built-in multilingual support, our ecommerce website software allows you to reach the Global customer audience easily.