Multi-Vendor creates a classy marketplace for high income

An ecommerce shopping mall Multi-Vendor is an extended edition of CS-Cart that will allow users to create a virtual shopping center in which several sellers can trade in their own virtual stores. It is possible to create many departments where suppliers can control their sales in a separate admin panel under the guidance of one owner. This mini-store will have a logo, company description, products, filters and search option. Suppliers will be able to independently place their orders and send goods to each customer. The goods of all vendors are stored in the general catalog. Visitors of the shopping mall software make purchases from different vendors from around the world through one online store. Multi-Vendor keeps accounts for each vendor separately. Accounts of users will always be in order, as all payments made to sellers will be automatically registered.

The scheme of work is very simple - the owner creates his own store then invites suppliers who sell their goods there. The owner of the virtual shopping center only needs to develop a store, promote and advertise to attract more customers.

The whole process of creating a store consists of 4 elementary steps:

  1. Suppliers fill out the application form.
  2. The store owner decides whether to approve or reject the request.
  3. Suppliers put their goods to the market and specify delivery circumstances.
  4. Payment is automatically received by vendors through Paypal, and the store owner receives a commission and a monthly fee that sellers pay for placing their orders in owner’s Excellent marketplace website platform.
Why a Multi-Vendor platform is so easy to use? It's due to:

  1. knowledge of programming ​​is not required;
  2. there is an excellent support service, that ready to help at every stage during store creating;
  3. each seller can have an unlimited number of suppliers;
  4. each supplier can indicate the terms of delivery;
  5. each seller has a separate admin panel and showcase;
  6. general processing of payments facilitates financial issues;
  7. the store owner can monitor and control the work of suppliers;
  8. 1300 trading platforms have already been created with the help of Multi-Vendor platform.

Main Features of Multi-Vendor software :

  1. The ability to sell goods from different suppliers in one store. Thus, the online store becomes a virtual shopping center with a huge number of products from around the world that is just what each purchaser needs.
  2. If the order contains goods from different suppliers, then they are automatically divided into sub-orders. Each sub-order contains the goods of only one supplier.
  3. All financial resources from sales go to the chief administrator, who later distributes them to suppliers basing on the order history.
  4. Sales funds are tracked separately for each vendor, which makes the accounting process understandable and structured.
  5. It allows having separate admin panel for each vendor, from where he can control his product and select the necessary settings.
  6. The chief administrator controls the entire store and all vendor activities.
  7. It suggests an individual delivery method for suppliers. Each supplier can customize their own delivery methods. The buyer, whose order contains the goods of different suppliers, can choose the delivery method, individual for each supplier.
  8. Several independent sellers in one online store. Sellers have full control over the management of goods, sales, invoices and deliveries using a personal intuitive control panel.
  9. Owner gets regular income. The owner of Multi-Vendor online shopping center gets a fixed fee for each order received through sellers. The commission is formed in two ways:
    1. based on a fixed amount from each sale, not dependent on the total value of the sold product or service;
    2. on the basis of the rate in percentages of the value of the sold goods/services.
  10. Opportunity of integration with third-party programs. As in the case of a regular online store, the basic capabilities of this trading platform can be expanded with the help of third-party modules. Integration with delivery services, payment systems is completely acceptable.
Creating an online marketplace is really good idea to earn money easily while not leaving the house or combine it with the main job. Such marketplace allows sellers to control the whole selling process online and cooperate with more suppliers extending range of goods as much as possible. Purchasers from their side have an opportunity to conveniently buy any good or product just using internet connection.

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