Similar to offline companies, creating business unions and trade alliances to gain a competitive edge on the tough markets, online vendors sometimes also combine their efforts to grow businesses and attract customer attention. Very often, they take advantage of own storefronts at multiple vendor marketplaces, offering a broad range of production. The benefits of this approach are obvious. Vendors don't have to invest a fortune into advertising campaign, hire professional developers and designers to accomplish their standalone ecommerce projects. As for customers, they prefer to buy an extensive range of required products in a single place rather than spending their precious time on long Web searches. However, just a simple desire isn't enough to organize a multiple vendor marketplace: this venture requires fast and reliable ecommerce solutions with unmatched performance rates. This is where Multi-Vendor ecommerce management software by comes into play.

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Multiple Vendor Marketplaces

If you are going to create an extensive online marketplace with plenty of independent retailers showcasing their products and services, then our Multi-Vendor Software will be the most deliberate choice. Every merchant acting there is isolated from other vendors with a separate admin panel, allowing to manage own settings and products. A root web store owner or manager is free to configure his own shipping and payment methods and provide customers with the opportunity of choosing specific options at checkout.

The main hallmark of a Multi-Vendor platform is that all shopping transactions are implemented via a single storefront, though purchased products can be supplied by many independent vendors from all over the Globe. After completing an order, the root store administrator distributes profits between vendors in accordance with the history of orders. Furthermore, the root administrator accomplishes full control over store settings and can pre-moderate vendor's activity, if required. It's even possible to track vendor's payouts with the useful Vendor Payouts Recording function helping to organize a personal accounting system.

Just imagine how many new prospective clients you can attract using this multi-vendor approach. Take advantage of our multi-channel ecommerce solution for $1450 (a perpetual license) or $590/year only and get your business to the next level. If you have any questions and would like to receive a professional assistance, don't hesitate to contact us online.

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