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Multi Store Marketplace Platform

Rapid growth of commercial activities in the Internet provides enormous virtually opportunities for any person to start their own online business. It is unfortunate that once people envisage foreseeable difficulties do not even give an effort to give it a try. It is proved that many problems occur at the stage of planning when potential entrepreneurs do not know what a multi vendor platform to use, how to cash the profits, how to accept different payment systems as well as the prospects of facing enormous payroll bill, simply makes these people frightened. Luckily, these days this problem is solved and creating an online marketplace business is easier than ever! It is all thank to a ready-made ecommerce multi store market place platform that will allow to commence the enterprise almost immediately!

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How and why things get so simple?

To begin with, Multi-Vendor is a ready-made ecommerce product, so what people have to do is simply purchase it. There is no sense of spending month in waiting for a custom designed shopping mall platform which will come at enormous costs! Secondly, one of the most crucial parts of any business is the payroll bill. Normally, entrepreneurs will have to hire lots of staff to deal with sales, customer services, handling accounts, issuing bills, dealing with suppliers and do plenty of administrative work. Salaries will have to be paid at the end of each month, no matter whether business is profitable or not as well as will add lots of headache because it will be an important part of variable costs. By purchasing CS-Cart Multi-Vendor this problem is eliminated as the only one employee – the administrator will handle every single process. Thirdly, the marketplace platform will allow you to accept variety of different payment methods, hence accepting the payments will never be a problem! Finally, the multi vendor software will not only allow you to trade but actually to create a shopping mall platform for other online vendors to be allow to join in and pay you regular commissions from each sale they make. Overall, it will be like eBay or Amazon but will belong to you, so by purchasing the marketplace script you are enable to trade by yourself and to offer such opportunity for other sellers from all over the globe and create your very own online shopping mall!

What the multi vendor software is needed and required for?

It is the virtual marketplace program, which allows the shopping mall to operate clockwise. Its features are so unique that no other multi vendor script is comparable. Every online vendor who will come to you will have its very own separate panel as well as separate virtual mini-store. Every buyer who makes a purchase will be allowed to leave comments and feedbacks at the panel and rate the product and services provided. Sellers will be able to view their balance sheets, accounts, receive sales reports and analyze statistics. At the same time, the multi vendor program makes communication process very easy. It has a built in translator that has twenty six languages. When suppliers, vendors and buyers communicate to each other with the use of chart, translations are made instantly. Therefore, it does not matter where people are situated and what language they speak as they can understand each other with ease. Last but not least, the marketplace software allows customers to do real-time and manual shipping calculations, so every client knows exactly how much it is going to cost him for his goods to be delivered in a specific part of the world.

Open source shopping mall application

It becomes apparent that there are advantages and disadvantages of owning such a shopping mall tool. We would like to be honest and will kick start with what many believe is a weakness. Well, it will clearly take some time for an administrator to get to grips with the use of the multi vendor program. Every function has to be known well and an individual will have to be computer literate as well as to give decent effort to learn how to use it. In the other hand, if you were about to order a custom made marketplace program it probably will take even longer for an admin to learn how to use it. It will also cost more and the training would have been provided only by the company that designed the product for you. Therefore, the disadvantage rather becomes an advantage by saving you time and money to train a person. The list of advantages of an open source shopping mall script is in fact enormous:

  1. This is a ready-made ecommerce product, so there is no need to wait for several month when a custom made marketplace program is designed for you.
  2. It is a very cost efficient way of opening an online store or a virtual shopping mall.
  3. The multi vendor script allows you to accept variety of payments methods including debit and credit cards, PayPal, electronic wallets and many other methods that people love.
  4. Online vendors who join in do not need to open a bank account and wait for merchant approval but instead can receive payments from customers immediately.
  5. It is you who will benefit from each sale you vendors make. Payments will be accepted on their behalf and after collecting your commissions will be transferred to them.
  6. Each vendor has its own trading panel.
  7. Each vendor has its separate virtual mini-store.
  8. Customers can leave comments and feedbacks at each vendor’s panels with regards to their shopping experience and the quality of the products.
  9. The marketplace platfrom has its unique order management system, so goods that are in demands can be ordered automatically and it ensures that that stockpiles are at acceptable level.
  10. Each seller may get configurable plan on the basis of previous sales.
  11. Sellers can constantly get statistics and reports with regards to their performance and can have a look where improvement can be made.
  12. Each product they sale has its own product approval system, hence goods that are not popular and receive negative rating will be known to each seller and in this case orders can be stopped.
  13. The multi vendor system offers multiple administrative accesses. Therefore id the admin is sick, decides to go on holidays or has a day off you can easily enter the system and manage everything by yourself or hire another person to do the job.
  14. The ecommerce shopping mall platform allows to communicate in twenty-six languages, so communication process is easier than ever.
  15. Customers can make either manual or real-time calculations of how much it would cost for their goods to be delivered to particular part of the world.
  16. The latest mobile application allows getting to a virtual shopping mall from mobile devices and shopping on the move!
Why customers are attracted by such high quality multi vendor software?

It is obvious that only a high quality ecommerce platform will allow to attract as many customers as possible. People would like to shop on the move; hence it is the open source shopping mall application that will allow them to satisfy their needs. At the same time, people want things like: instant translations, real-time delivery calculations, leave feedbacks and view other customers’ reviews. They want to get high quality products that went through products approval system as well as many other things! Indeed, this is the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor that can provide all of the above mentioned aspects; therefore the marketplace software can definitely be called the state of the art, which stands second to none in terms of its quality and functionality!

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What our customers say about CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

I've been using CS-Cart many years. It is the best E-Commerce platform. I recommend to anyone needing a simple, but completely customizable online store. It is incredibly easy to set up, and offers so much customizability out of the box that it is easy to make it unique and professional-looking, on a non-recurring cost model. The Multi-Vendor edition of CS-Cart essentially lets other people sell on your site, while you either take a commission or monthly fee. Vendors get their own login and Admin panel. All you have to do to get started is create "Vendor Plans" you want to offer. You can also choose which category of products they have access to. When a vendor signs up, they just choose which plan they would like, and enter their info. You can approve and deny anyone. CS-Cart displays all the plans on a nice, modern-looking page for you, which you can also customize. Features: Automatically charge vendors every month or one-time. Approve products before they're added to your site. Vendors can have multiple accounts for different employees. Vendors can edit the layout of their "storefront", colors, and even add/modify CSS.Ike U.

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