Published: Aug 3, 2012 Last updated: Aug 3, 2012 Yan Kulakov

With its appearance, electronic commerce or ecommerce, has changed completely traditional trading and made the whole process much easier for both sellers and customers. Customers enjoy the possibility to shop any time of a day or night from any location around the Globe without even leaving their homes and offices; compare prices of multiple vendors to make an optimal choice and even get some products like digital ones literally immediately by downloading them over the Internet.

As for business owners, it also brings plenty of benefits. While avoiding tremendous expenses on building and maintaining a physical store with all its staff, they get a remarkable opportunity to expand their business by offering products and services globally with no physical and geographical restrictions, have all crucial processes, such as billing, order tracking, etc., fully automated, track and analyze client needs, interests and preferences to ensure a pretty much better interaction and many more.

As it has been already mentioned, building an online store requires dramatically less time and investments, if compared to the physical one. Furthermore, modern ecommerce development software tools allow to build an ecommerce store even without professional assistance. They are typically easy-to-use and rather flexible, so that even people with little technical knowledge may create multifunctional, professionally-looking ecommerce websites in virtually no time and with minimal efforts involved in the process.

CS-Cart Software

We are here to offer you one of the best ecommerce platforms available on the market today - CS-Cart - that has been successfully used by over 25,000 web stores around the Globe. It's a standalone software solution for building and managing an ecommerce project of almost any size from small web stores to large virtual shopping malls with multiple departments. Fully crammed with the most cutting edge features and options, it allows you to automate all your online shopping processes, increase sales, improve client loyalty and grow your business.

This PHP-based ecommerce platform comes perfectly for both brand new ecommerce projects and established ones – you can use it either to create an online store from scratch or add ecommerce functionality to your existing project. CS-Cart powered online stores are both easy to run for administrators and attractive and user-friendly for visitors.

Based on the Smarty template engine, CS-Cart makes it very easy to customize your storefront look and feel to match your corporate style. You can have total peace of mind knowing that your ecommerce projects powered by CS-Cart will run perfectly on all hosting servers with PHP support, while being fully compatible with all the most popular Internet browsers.