Published: Jan 19, 2022 Last updated: Apr 9, 2022 Yan Anderson

Today there are a lot of brilliant opportunities for businessmen on the market. The most interesting sphere is online. The isolation measures related to COVID pandemic forced people to switch to online format and the global digitalization that had started a couple decades before the pandemic also contributed greatly to this issue. Finally, businesses have got a new lease of life.

Since these changes have happened, the choice of software has become a vital question. In this article we are going to compare two leading platforms for launching a website or a marketplace: CS-Cart Multi Vendor and BigCommerce app marketplace.

CS-Cart and BigCommerce multi vendor marketplace softwares

Both companies are focused on services related to website and marketplace creation. The priority of the CS-Cart company is marketplaces, but online shops are available as well. BigCommerce is good at creating one vendor online stores and you can expand it to a Multi Vendor Marketplace by a special app—Webkul. They will be compared and contrasted by various aspects.

Technology CS-Cart and BigCommerce based on

CS-Cart is an on-premise solution while BigCommerce is a Saas one. What is the difference? On-premise means a self-hosted solution: you should download and install it on a local host. Saas or cloud-solution means that customers can launch it via browser without downloading an app. Each approach has certain specificities.

On-premise deployment

  • Have a one-time payment—you buy a product and you do not have to pay anymore.
  • Full control—you have access to a code or to code parts so that you can control major issues such as security or adding unique features.
  • No dependence on the Internet—your website is launched on a server and can not be influenced by technical failures of the Internet.

Saas solution

  • Subscription type payment—this means that you should pay a fixed sum of money for subscription per month or year.
  • Access from any place—you have access via browser, so wherever you are you will have a possibility to edit and manage your marketplace.
  • Hustle-free serving—hosting provider takes all or most issues related to serving your platform, so you do not have to hire a specialist to maintain its work.

Fast deployment is another good characteristic to compare. Some people consider that on-premise launching is time consuming. But today these two ways are relatively similar. Both of them take approximately 1 week to start.

As Saas solutions are cheaper at the beginning, they are suitable for MVP testing and startups. However, there are some simpler and more affordable options to test ideas on the market than BigCommerce. Scalability of such platforms is a very questionable issue. Serious and highly specific businesses and enterprises are eager to control the security and develop the unique customization themselves.

Pricing comparison

As we mentioned, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and BigCommerce app marketplace have different types of payment. At the first glance, it may seem that one-time payment is a very expensive option. However, if you compare spendings in a perspective of 3 or 4 years, it appears to be cheaper than subscription. Unlike on-premise solutions, basic or free payment plans on Saas platforms are not suitable for developed businesses as they do not have enough features. Let’s turn to facts:

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor pricing:

BigCommerce pricing + BigCommerce marketplace app pricing:

You should additionally buy a subscription for the BigCommerce marketplace app—Multi Vendor Marketplace by Webkul to launch a marketplace. It costs $10 per month.

Both software platforms have a solution for enterprises: the price for services is determined in private capacity.

Support and instructions

Information resources are a crucially important aspect of any software. The more resources you have, the easier it is to solve any kind of problem. Apart from official resources, it is important to find informal ways of getting information like forums and communities. With a big and supportive community you can find the answers to all your questions. The first-hand experience is a good way to learn about how something works. There is wide range of different kinds of instructions provided by the companies:

There are really nice lists of helping resources. CS-Cart is an always developing company and some resources are in progress. However, CS-Cart documentation is very complete and there is an active forum. So it is enough to provide clear instructions on how to manage a platform.

Comparison according to mobile application

CS-Cart and BigCommerce marketplace apps for mobile phones are available. Both can be built for IOS and Android. Mobile app is included in pricing on Plus, Ultimate and Enterprise payment plans. You can try a free demo version of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

Integrations and synchronizations

Platforms have powerful API. API is a technology that allows for integration of a marketplace with advanced automation systems like automated storage and retrieval system, automated accounting system, CRM, ERP, CMS and others. You can read complete information about such systems in our article.

All these integrations are available on the CS-Cart platform. The most famous systems we integrate with: PayPal, Stripe Connect, Quickbooks, and many others; there is also available Amazon and eBay synchronization. Recently CS-Cart added integration with Tilda which serves for creation landing and additional pages on a marketplace so that users could easily test their ideas and create unique pages in a couple clicks.

BigCommerce has developed tools for synchronization marketplaces since their work format is to add different app types to boost a basic platform. You definitely heard about BigCommerce Amazon marketplace integration but it is not the only option. They can be synchronized with Amazon, eBay, Walmart and some other big marketplaces. In BigCommerce marketplace integration with automated systems is available as well.

Customer experience

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and Bigcommerce theme marketplaces are well-esteemed by customers and have favorable reviews.

Title of the document
Capterra Software advice G2
CS-Cart 4.6 out of 5 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
BigCommerce 4.3 out of 5 4.3 out of 5 4.2 out of 5

CS-Cart disadvantages:

Some customers find it difficult to install addons (additional features). Other customers complain about a lack of design opportunities for an interface of a website.

BigCommerce disadvantages:

Some customers are not satisfied with the price-features balance, they mention that there is a lack of flexibility, especially related to invoices, mailing, and some other details in the interface.

Features comparison

Let’s see the comparative table with differences and similarities of CS-Cart and bigcommerce apps marketplaces:

Title of the document
Feature CS-Cart Multi-Vendor App marketplace BigCommerce
Price One-time payment from $1,450 Subscription way of payment from $29 + $10 per month
Type of platform On-premise Saas
Help and instructions Available, advanced Extension by add-ons and via API (in Enterprise), open code Available, advanced Extension by addons and in some cases via API
eCommerce business tailored to Marketplaces and Online stores Online stores and Marketplaces (plugin-based)
Business model tailored to All types All types
User score 4.67 out of 5 4,27 out of 5
Mobile application Yes Yes

It is difficult to decide what company will be your partner for the next few years. So, there is some tips on how to choose a reliable provider:

  1. Take into account your goals. Define your final goal and decompose it into mini-goals for five, then three years, one year, six months and current month. Does your alleged software suit these purposes? Are there enough possibilities?
  2. Take into account price. As your company will grow, you may need to change a payment plan if it is a subscription type software. Decide whether on-premise payment will be cheaper in a long term perspective?
  3. Look for support resources. Find out information on how to perform something on a platform, make sure that there is a forum or FAQ section to find answers. Are the instructions clear? Is there a big supportive community which can help you?
  4. Find feedback. Customer’s experience is very important. Look how this company works with its customers. Are there any significant pros and cons for you?

These points and questions will help you to make the right choice.


Does BigCommerce have a marketplace?

In the first place, BigCommerce is a software for creating one-vendor websites. However, there is a paid extension—BigCommerce marketplace app by Webkul.

Does CS-Cart is a marketplace software?

There are two products: CS-Cart Multi-Vendor which is focused on marketplaces and CS-Cart for a one-vendor website.

Is BigCommerce reliable?

It is one of the leading reliable platforms on the market equally with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and other softwares.

How do I make a multi vendor mobile app?

It is often included in pricing like on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor software. Most of the available payment plans include it in pricing. Try a free demo of a mobile app based on CS-Cart.

How to choose a marketplace software?

You should pay attention to the growth possibilities, way of launching (on-premise or cloud solutions) pricing, and payment method. There is a complete instruction on how to start your marketplace business.


In conclusion, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and BigCommerce app marketplace are worth your attention. They definitely have great possibilities for growing and developing. Yet, the choice depends on your business concept and final goal.