Lesson 38. Shippings & Payments — Shipping Methods

The shipping methods section contains an editable list of shipping methods present in the CS-Cart ecommerce site software. You can make some edits right on the general page. For example, change delivery time, set weight limit, and assign shipping methods to certain user groups.

The most important thing that you should know about shipping methods in the ecommerce shopping cart software is that they are divided into two groups by Rate calculation: Manual and Realtime. For example, for Custom shipping method rates are calculated manually depending on the values you entered on the Shipping charges tab. On this tab you specify rates for different locations that you previously created on the Locations page. Using this type to keep rates the same for certain regions.

Realtime rate calculation is a little more complicated. For example, FedEx second day shipping method. When we switch to the Realtime, on the shipping method page appear two fields, and one tab. Fields determine a Carrier for this method, in other words a shipping services provider, and a Shipping service provided by this carrier. Depending on the content of these two fields, you will need to enter carrier-specific details on the Configure tab. These details are provided at the carrier's website after registration.

You can also leave shipping tips for customers at checkout. Just find shipping_tips variable through Translations page and fill it with useful information related to shippings. Tips appear under the list of available shipping methods at checkout.

One more thing that you need to know about shippings internet store builder is free shipping and free shipping promotions. Every shipping method can be made free with just two clicks. Promotions can be set separately for certain shipping methods.

That’s it about shipping methods in CS-Cart ecommerce software for small business.