Lesson 6. CS-Cart General Settings — Part 3

This is the third part of the big overview dedicated to general settings of CS-Cart licensed ecommerce software. In this video we continue to move from the top to the bottom explaining the purposes of the following settings:

In the previous video we spoke about catalog settings and promotions. This video is dedicated to users and cart settings. Also we are going to cover proxy server settings and search options.

The first setting of today’s video is Allow users to create multiple profiles for one account. With this option enabled one user can have multiple profiles. For example, one for personal orders, and another for job supplies.

The next two settings are connected to each other. The first setting determines the minimum amount allowed for the order to be placed. And the second defines how this amount is calculated, with or without shipping. So, for example, if the minimum amount is one hundred, customers will have to buy products that cost more than one hundred all together.

Allow shopping for unlogged customers is the next setting in the shopping cart builder. Here we have three clear options: Allow, Hide the Add to cart button, and Hide price and the Add to cart button. The most extreme form of this setting forbids unlogged users to buy anything from the store, and even hides the price of a product.

The next setting also restricts some actions. Allow checkout only from the cart content page. With this setting enabled customers will only be able to proceed to checkout through visiting a cart page.

Allow customer to sign up for user group. In the Admin panel administrators can create different user groups via User Groups page. User groups is a convenient tool for distributing privileges among customers. By default the access to user groups for customers are available through their Profile details under the User groups tab. Remember that administrators should approve new user groups requests.

Administrator must activate new user accounts. If this is enabled, new customers will have to wait until their account is approved by one of the administrators. Only after that they will be able to use all privileges and features available for registered customers.

Quick registration setting. Quick registration requires only contact information during registration procedure.

Estimate shipping cost on cart page. If enabled, it shows how much the shipping will cost at a cart page before the customer proceeds to checkout. It never harms to have another source of additional information in the store.

The last setting in this section of the easy to use ecommerce software is Disregard product options when calculating quantity discounts. This requires some explanation. Quantity discounts are discounts related to the amount of products that a customer buys. And this setting defines how this quantity is supposed to be calculated with or without options. Proxy server for outgoing connections. It may come in handy if the shopping cart builder works under a proxy-server.

There is also the Search options section presented.

Search also in pages. If the setting is enabled, the search is conducted in Pages and Site News.