Lesson 4. CS-Cart General Settings — Part 1

This is the first part of the big overview dedicated to general settings of CS-Cart licensed ecommerce solution. In this video we slowly move from the top to the bottom explaining the purposes of the following settings:

Alternative currency display format. How non-default currencies are supposed to be displayed on product pages. There are two options available: show prices in selected currency only, and show prices in default and selected currencies. To see the difference on a storefront switch from the default currency to the secondary one which will result in in displaying two currencies at once. Next two settings are related to each other and define the general weight properties of the store. Be sure to enter the true weight symbol and the exact number of grams contained in that symbol because the weight of the products depends on them.

The Close storefront setting. Tick this, and the storefront will become unavailable for customers. Useful when you need to make a redesign of your store or small maintenance.

Access key to temporarily closed store is a thing that administrators use in order to get access to the closed storefront of the php ecommerce system.

Initial order ID value sounds complicated but actually it only defines what number will be used for the first order in your store. It is useful if there was a store before and you want to save the order counter. The order ID can be seen at Orders → View orders.

The next setting is related to taxes. Tax calculation method can be based on two different options: Subtotal and Unit price. When calculation is based on subtotal, taxes also include discounts and shippings, but when we use Unit price as a basis, taxes include only the raw price of products in the order.

Moving on. Help us improve software. Here’s two feedback options Manual and Automatic. Manual feedback is provided via this form any time when you want it to provide. To do it just click Send. Automatic feedback allows easy to use shopping cart to send data by itself.

Check for updates automatically. CS-Cart notifies users about any new available updates including system upgrades. Untick the checkbox to disable this feature.

The last general setting here is Monitor changes in core files. With this setting being enabled estore software automatically checks for modified core files every time an administrator logs in to the Administration panel. If any core file differs from the default file, the warning notification appears: Some of your core files have been changed. This may become a problem when upgrading CS-Cart as changes in these files may be lost. It is also possible to check for core alterations manually by using the File changes detector included into the web store program.

And the last thing for today is the Default location section. The default location is used when a customer do not specify his or her address during registration or checkout. These fields can be filled with the store or company address or any other address you see fit.