Lesson 37. Customers — Redirecting Customers from Specific Regions to the Right Stores

In CS-Cart ecommerce system you can redirect customers to a separate storefront created for a particular region.

The first question that comes to mind — why would even need to do that? And the first answer is because CS-Cart php e-commerce platform has a multi-storefront feature. You can buy several storefronts and tweak them so that they would drastically differ from each other. This way separate storefronts for different regions can be created. Design, content, products—everything to increase the conversion in the selected region. And everything goes just fine except for one thing — people simply doesn’t come. You check the statistics but there is nothing on the radars. It seems as if people just walk around your store because of the bad smell. But everything is much more simple. People just don’t get redirected and stuck on one of the storefronts of the e-shopping cart software instead of visiting the one designed for them.

That’s where redirecting comes in handy. Simply direct customers from specific regions to the right stores. For example, this way you can use one storefront for people from UK and Canada, and the other for — Australia and New Zealand.