Lesson 30. Products — Product Tabs

CS-Cart online shopping system already has several pre-defined product tabs that are suitable for most situation. However, you can add more tabs if needed. New product tabs are added on a general Product Tabs page. Each custom product tab contains a block with the content. It can be simple or formatted text, or even a product block. So, it takes two steps to create a custom tab.

First, you create a block for the tab, then the tab itself. After all if no restrictions were specified, this tab is displayed for all products in the online store website builder software. But the content of tabs can be customized individually for each product. This is done through the Product tabs tab on the product editing page. Here default tabs can enabled and disabled, and the content of custom tabs can be changed to correspond with the product. The new content is displayed only on the tab of this selected product.

That’s it about the Product tabs tab in CS-Cart internet shop software.