Lesson 21. Products — Product List

The Product list page contains the list of all products in the shopping cart solution. To filter products by some criteria, use the search panel.

The first and most important feature is the ability to edit product properties without diving into product details. Just click on a property field, enter a value and save changes. You can edit several properties of several products at once, just don’t forget to save the result before switching to another product list page.

Add products through the plus button or use the Bulk product addition feature. This way you will able to add lots of products into your open source online shopping cart at once. Product editing is also available in two variants: separate editing and by using the Edit selected feature. Editing in a bulk mode looks this way. You select desired products. Choose properties that require editing. And then edit them on one page. Deleting products from the list works the same way as editing. On this page you can also clone and export products for your electronic commerce solution. Cloning creates the exact copies of selected products. Exporting packs selected products data into the CSV-file and sends it to your hard drive. We will overview this feature in details in one of our future videos.

There are two more features available from the gear button. Global Update and Product subscriptions.

Global update is used to update information for all products. For example, if you enter 5 in the price field, and then click Apply, the price of all products will increase by five dollars. You can also update only certain products, just add these products with the Add product button. The Product subscriptions feature is used to track subscribers for products that are out of stock. When you update the number of products in stock, the customers who signed up for a notification will receive an email from your open source shopping cart software.

That’s it about the product list in CS-Cart web shop solution.