Lesson 31. Products — Layouts

This time we speak about the Layouts tab on the product editing page of CS-Cart online store solution. This tool can be used to add a unique touch to certain product pages in the ecommerce website program.

This tab is dependent on the main layout page for all products. So every change made on the main page will be displayed on individual layouts. For example, if we add a block containing a banner to the main page all separate product pages will have this banner.

But the content of this block can be changed on these separate layout pages. The only thing you need to do is to open its settings and change the banner. This way the appropriate banner will be displayed on this separate page. We can even disable a block if we want to.

It can also be done the other way. The block is disabled on the main page but then activated individually for certain pages.

And as you might have guessed it’s not only about banners, any kind of content can be customized this way. Create your own unique product pages with this amazing CS-Cart open source ecommerce website builder functionality.