Lesson 39. Shippings & Payments — Payment Methods

In the payment methods section, you can adjust the set of the built-in payment methods that your customers can use to pay for their orders in CS-Cart . For convenience, all built-in payment services are arranged in a single list representing the name of the method, its current status, and a few control elements. Simply drag and drop payment methods to change their position at checkout.

Now, let’s learn more about its settings.

The General tab contains basic parameters of the method: Name is just the name of the payment method displayed at checkout. Processor is the shopping cart payment gateway that will process the payments made through this payment method. Offline processor is used when method doesn’t involve online processing. The thing that you must remember is that online processors always require additional configuration. First of all, if you want to use a certain online processor, you need to register an account with this payment system. After that you need to enter all credentials you received on the Configure tab. Also it is worth mentioning that most of these payment processors are added through add-ons.

Template determines what fields to display for the payment method at checkout. You can select the template only if you set Processor to Offline. For example, credit card has its own template that differs from the template of phone or check ordering.

Payment category. Select a category that the payment method belongs to. Payment categories will appear on the checkout page as tabs, if two or more payment methods are assigned to different categories. Categories group payment methods and make it easier for your customers to find the desired payment methods at checkout.

User groups. You can set payment methods to be available for certain groups only.

Enter brief description of the payment method. This description appears on the checkout page.

Surcharge for using this payment method. The extra amount of money to be added to the order totals. This can be a flat rate or a percentage.

Give a name to your surcharge by filling Surcharge title.

Select taxes that should be applied to this payment method. This setting becomes available after the method was created.

Provide payment instructions to customers on the usage of the payment method. This doesn’t have to be short, actually it is better to be detailed. The instructions can either be written in plain text, or formatted in HTML. You can even add pictures or videos to the instruction to make them more accessible.

Icon. The icon to depict the payment method on the storefront. By default at checkout it is located above the title of the payment method.

Also we would like to remind you that there are two types of payment processors — offline and online. While offline processor can be set up manually, online processor require individual configuration and provide additional shopping cart payments security.