Lesson 46. Orders — Shipments

We will take a closer look at the shipment system in CS-Cart online e-commerce system.

There two different ways to create a shipment in CS-Cart website store builder. You can take a shortcut, enter only a tracking number, choose a carrier for the shipping method, and then save changes to create a shipment.

Or take a longer but more detailed path by using Create detailed shipment link. First of all, this way you can send products separately from each other. Just choose what products should be included into the shipment. Then here you can change the shipping method, and use different shipping methods for different shipments. The same goes for a carrier. You can leave comments on a shipment, and change the order status after shipment was created. Also there is a shipment notification option to keep customers informed.

In CS-Cart online shop program there is a separate page that displays all shipments. The most important feature here is the Status of the shipment. This feature helps to manage shipments, and make sure that customers receive their packages. Also on this page you can print packing slips of selected shipments. Packing slips list the content of the package that is being shipped.

Each shipment has its own page where you can check the addresses and the content. Other features available are comments section, shipment date field, and ability to print separate packing slips. But how does a customer track shipments? There are three possible ways in ecommerce creator — via email notifications that inform him about order and shipment statuses; on the Shipment information tab in order details; and by using the tracking field in My account menu.

This is all that you need to know about shipments in CS-Cart open source ecommerce platform.