Lesson 45. Orders — Statuses

This video we decided to solely dedicate to order statuses as an important part of order processing in CS-Cart shopping cart ecommerce software.

Statuses in software with shopping cart are roughly divided into three groups — default, added by add-ons, and created manually. Default statuses can not be deleted. Statuses added by add-ons deleted along with add-ons. Now, let’s learn more about their properties.

The first setting is the name of the status as it appears in the Administration panel. The color of the status on the order list in the Administration panel to easily distinguish them from others.

Inventory. Choose whether to decrease or increase the number of items in stock for products included in an order with this status. Remember that positive statuses like Open, Processed, and Complete decrease quantity while negative statuses like Failed or Canceled increase or return quantity to its primary state.

Remove CC info. Removes sensitive credit card info from the database when the order gets this status. A good security measure.

Pay order again. Allows a customer to make a payment for the order again, if it was declined. So, when the order has this status it can be paid again immediately after the first payment failed.

The Invoice/Credit memo setting allows you to choose the desired behavior after an order gets this status. Default—the default behavior (an invoice ID is not generated);

Invoice—the order has been paid and processed successfully, an invoice ID is generated;

Order—the order has been placed, but not paid out;

Credit memo—the order has been paid and processed, but then returned, a credit memo ID is generated.

The next settings are determined by different add-ons of internet shop program so if you don’t see them in your store that means that corresponding add-ons hadn’t been installed.

Change gift certificate status to. If order has a gift certificate assigned to it, this setting determines what status will be assigned to this certificate. For example, pending status can come handy when products had been sent but payment didn’t come still.

Allow return registration. If enabled the order with this status can be returned.

Grant reward points. Once this status is set for the order, reward points will be given to a customer.

That was a detailed overview of statuses and their properties in CS-Cart e-commerce website software.