Lesson 54. Marketing — Promotions. Part 3

Cart promotions allow you to set discounts and offer various bonuses in e-commerce web solution: coupons, free shipping, free products, reward points, membership in a specific user group, and many other privileges provided by e-commerce shopping cart. The list of possible conditions for those bonuses is bigger. The bonuses aren’t displayed in the catalog, but only on cart and checkout pages.

Make up a name that reflects the content of promotion. This time it’s free products. Detailed description is displayed on a general promotions page that we demonstrated in the previous video.

Short description appears on the storefront when a customer views an order. It is supposed to be short and clear. Then set the availability period for the promotion. This way you can create limited time offers. You can make a promotion with the highest priority, and tick the Stop other rules checkbox. All cart promotions in shopping website builder with a lower priority will be stopped if this one is applied. By the way the Stop other rules checkbox doesn’t affect the promotions with higher priority, or promotions of other types. For example, a catalog promotion can’t stop a cart promotion. To add conditions you need to switch to the Conditions tab. The first thing that you need to pay attention on this page is this phrase at the top left corner — If all or any of these conditions are true or false. By choosing between all and any, and true and false, you determine when the promotion applies. Ecommerce store builder cart promotions contain lots of conditions for different situations, so select them wisely depending on the purpose of a promotion. Combine them into groups to improve condition management.

To apply bonuses switch to the Bonuses tab. In CS-Cart website ecommerce software you can add as many bonuses as you like.

Remember that cart promotions unlike catalog promotions do not display on a storefront by default. But you can notify customers about these promotions through content pages, or banners, for example.

That’s how cart promotions work.