Lesson 52. Marketing — Promotions. Part 1

Promotions allow you to offer various bonuses to your customers such as free products or discounts, if certain conditions are met.

First, we are going to manage promotions from a seo-friendly shopping cart storefront as a customer. We add a product to cart and receive a free shipping coupon because we matched promotion conditions. In this case we selected a product that costs more than 100 dollars. But there is more, customers can also enter promo-codes at the cart page or at checkout. If we use one of the codes right now, we receive an order discount. In CS-Cart easy ecommerce platform promotions can be combined with each other.

These were the cart promotions, but there is one more type of promotions in ecommerce open source software — a catalog one. While cart promotions have a wide range of bonuses from free products to reward points, catalog promotions provide only discounts to certain products or categories.

All promotions are gathered at Marketing → Promotions. Without diving into promotion properties, on this page we can add promotions of both types, check the promotions priority, and see where this promotion belongs to. By the way, in this case the lower the number the higher the priority, so, zero has the highest priority.

And there is one more thing we would like to tell you — the promotions page on a storefront of e-commerce shopping cart solution. Without proper tweaking this page can only be accessed through the address line. Just add promotions to the main address of the store, and here it is, the page with the list of all promotions in the store.

That was an introduction into CS-Cart storefront software promotions.