Lesson 56. Marketing — Newsletters

Newsletters and all related features are added by the Newsletters add-on for the e-commerce website solution. So, before diving into details, let’s go through the add-on settings. Settings allow you to set the number of newsletters sent per step, choose the method of sending emails, enter SMTP data if you select the SMTP server for sending emails. And on the Promotions tab choose a promotion whose promo code will be given at subscription. Or choose not to give a promo code.

Now, let’s see what the newsletter properties are all about.

Subject. The subject of the newsletter displayed at the subject field of the email. Random subjects. You can enter several newsletter subjects, if needed. If you send this newsletter several times, the subject will be selected from this list randomly. Enter the content of the newsletter into the HTML body. You can use the visual editor or enter HTML code.

Load a template to save time preparing the newsletter. Templates can be created at Newsletters → Templates. By the way loading a template will replace anything you entered in the HTML body field. Include the newsletter into the marketing campaign, if you previously created one at Newsletters → Campaigns. Campaigns help you to gather statistics on newsletters.

Finally set the status for your newsletter.

Now we are going to specify the newsletter recipients in the Send to section.

To receive newsletters, users subscribe to mailing lists. By default in CS-Cart online e-commerce software this opportunity is provided at checkout and at the registration page. Mailing lists organize customers into groups that you later send newsletters to. To create new mailing lists go to Newsletters → Mailing lists.

Then you can add customers manually. For example, to address them in a personal manner. The unsubscribe link doesn’t appear in the emails of these customers.Send your newsletter to customers with abandoned carts, or wishlists, or both. You can limit to whom the newsletter will be sent by store or by the number of days since when the cart/wishlist was abandoned.

And before sending the newsletter to customer we recommend to send it to the test email. This opportunity is provided by ecommerce website package Click the Send button next to the field to send the newsletter to that email only. Check if everything is alright, and click Save and send. Newsletters will be sent to customers.

So, create mailing lists and autoresponders, gather subscribers, prepare templates, and start sending newsletters to reach potential customers and raise sales with our open source e-commerce solution.