Lesson 59. Marketing — Customers Also Bought

The Customers Also Bought add-on for online shop builder makes it possible to create a special block for the products often purchased along with the current one.

Below you’ll find the description of the block creation process.

To create this block in the best platform for ecommerce website we go to Design → Layouts. Here we switch to the Products layout page. That’s where this block fits best. Then we find the appropriate place for it. Click the plus icon, and select Add block. Switch to the Create new block tab, here we look for the Products block.

Once we found it, we need to set it up properly. Let’s call it Customers also bought. Then select the Grid template, and make it three in the columns field.

After that we switch to the Content tab, and in the filling field we select Also bought. Limit value is set to three. You can also make this block filter content by categories. Check the Block settings tab and click Create to finish the process.

The thing is that this block won’t appear on a storefront of php ecommerce script until someone makes the first order. And that’s what we are going to do. We quickly select multiple products, and submit an order. Now, we can see how this add-on works in the ecommerce web package. We go to the product page of one of the bought products, and at the bottom of the page there is the Customers Also Bought block.

This is how this add-on works.