Lesson 60. Marketing — Creating Automatic Discount Coupons for Customers

It takes two steps to create an automatic discount coupon in cms shopping cart. First, we create a promotion with discount coupon. Second, we create a promotion that provides coupon codes.

To make this system work we will need two promotions. We go to Marketing → Promotions, and choose to add a new cart promotion. Here we make up a name for it, enter descriptions, and set status to Active. After that we can switch to the Conditions tab. First, check if all conditions are true, and then click the Add condition button. Select Automatically generated coupon codes from the dropdown list. Next to condition no data found will appear. It means that no coupon codes have been generated yet in php shopping cart script. These codes will be generate later by promotions. For now we add another condition — Once per customer. With this condition the coupon code can be used only once. Then switch to the Bonuses tab and choose any bonus you like. Click Create and close to finish the process and proceed to the next step.

Now we need to create a cart promotion that generates coupon codes for online retail store software.

Select Add cart promotion. Make up a name for it. Switch to the Conditions tab. Select any condition you see fit. For example, order subtotal, set equal or greater parameter for this condition, and enter the number. Add another condition. This time it should Once per customer. That way only one coupon code will be generated for a customer.

On the Bonuses tab, select Give coupon bonus. In the dropdown list select the promotion that we created in step one. Click Create and close to start sending coupons automatically created by open source website builder. Let’s see how it works.

On a storefront we add a product that meet conditions, see that the promotion has been applied. The code will be displayed at the order details page after the order was submitted. But it will become valid only after the order status is changed to Complete.

So, to create automatic discount coupons in ecommerce store platform you need two cart promotions.