Lesson 51. Marketing — Comments & Reviews

The comments and reviews add-on once installed can be found in many places of the open source ecommerce solution. Store testimonials on the homepage, product ratings and reviews, category reviews if enabled, the feature to start conversations with administrators to discuss order details, and general comments for content pages — all these provided by the Comments and Reviews add-on for online store site builder.

In the Admin panel on the add-ons page we can change add-on’s settings. Each store location has its own comments and reviews settings. Some settings are individual others are similar. Let’s go one by one.

Posts per page. A maximum number of posts to appear on one page.

Administrator must approve posts submitted by. Moderation policy: require to approve posts submitted by all customers or non-registered customers only, or do not moderate posts at all. Only one post from one IP is allowed. If selected, customers are allowed to submit only one review or comment per product from one IP-address. This can help you avoid spam.

Send notifications to this E-mail. Enter the email address at which you want to receive a notification of new posts.

Share discussions with all stores. If selected, you can share comments and reviews among several storefronts.

Other settings that deserve attention are Allow customer to initiate discussion. The Start communication button on the order details page; the Testimonials setting that determine how testimonials should be displayed on the storefront; and Show testimonials from all stores. If selected, testimonials from all storefronts are shown on the storefront of CS-Cart software for ecommerce business.

We finished with settings, now we can proceed to the page where all comments and reviews are stored. On this page you can look through comments, reviews, and testimonials, edit them, approve and disapprove new comments, delete them if needed. On the order communication tab you can hold discussions with customers about their orders. And on the Testimonials tab you can add new testimonials by yourself. When you create new testimonials you are redirected to the separate testimonials page. And that’s it about comments and reviews features for ecommerce shopping software.