Lesson 58. Marketing — Banners

Banners attract customers’ attention, notify them about offers and discounts. All in all it is a good addition to marketing features of ecommerce business software.

Banners are provided by the Banners management add-on for easy ecommerce software. In the add-on there is only one setting — Enable multi-language Images/URLs. Tick this checkbox to allow using different images/URLs for the same object under different languages when using several languages in the store. So, for example, if English language is selected on a storefront, banner will lead to one page of ecommerce store software, and if it’s French, banner will lead to another one. Now we can proceed with the description of the Banners page.

Marketing → Banners. Here’s all the banners we have in the store website builder are presented.

Let’s learn more about their properties.

The Name field—the name of the new banner.

In the Type select box select Text banner or Graphic banner. For Text banner enter text in the Description field type — this text will be displayed on a storefront. For Graphic banner upload an image and choose whether to display the banner in a new window or not. If needed, specify the URL to which the banner is linked in the URL field. You can also enter alternative text for SEO purposes.

We also recommend to read the instruction on the right side on the page. It explains how to add a banner to the storefront of the ecommerce online store builder.

That’s all the important information considering banners.