Lesson 55. Marketing — Abandoned/Live Carts

The Marketing → Abandoned / Live carts section of CS-Cart e-commerce website platform contains the lists of products that your store visitors added to their carts and wishlists but didn’t purchase for some reason. Carts are saved for both registered and unregistered customers, but for registered customers, the products from the abandoned carts are automatically added to their carts when they visit your store again.

To create an abandoned cart in ecommerce website builder, just add product to cart, and leave it as is. On the Abandoned/Live Carts page appeared a new record. On this page the name of a customer, date when a cart was abandoned, and cart content are displayed. Addresses are also might be present if a customer left in the middle of the checkout process.

To sum it up, using this feature, you can track potential customers, and then remind them about products they wanted to buy with personal emails, or using newsletters created with ecommerce web builder functionality.