Lesson 12. CS-Cart Settings — Logging, Reports, Settings Wizard, and Licensing Mode

This video is dedicated to multiple topics — the Logging section, Reports, Settings Wizard, and finally Licensing Mode of CS-Cart online cart system.

The first in our list is Logging. In this section, it is specified what kind of events must be registered in the system logs. Log files are stored in the var/log directory of CS-Cart. In the Admin Panel logs can be found at Administration → Logs. Here administrators can view and clean up logs.

Report settings of the e-commerce website builder software. Format of time intervals define how time markers will look like on the Sales reports page. Sales reports are located at Orders → Sales reports. Sales reports provide detailed information on sales in a store. Use the settings to customize the time markers to your taste.

Settings wizard is a tool for a fast tuning of a store. Follow step by step instruction to quickly set up all essential settings.

Licensing mode is the last setting on the list. Here the owner choose between two options: Full and Trial. Full provides an unrestricted access to all features for an unlimited amount of time but requires a CS-Cart license. Trial does not require a license but access is limited to 30 days trial period.

That’s it about this set of online shopping cart program settings.