Lesson 34. Customers — Administrators & Privileges

This time we are going to learn more about administrators in general, types of administrators, and how to distribute privileges among them.

By default CS-Cart shopping cart software for business has the following types of user accounts: Administrators and Customers. Today we speak about administrators only.

Administrators can log in to both: the storefront and the admin panel. Depending on their privileges, administrators can view and manage the content and configure the settings. By default there is the root administrator in the e-commerce system. This administrator has all privileges to control the store.

This root administrator of the best php ecommerce solution can create other administrators for different positions. The position of the administrator is determined by his or her privileges. Privileges in CS-Cart are set through User groups settings. For example, there are might the order managers group, the product managers group and so on. Privileges can either provide or restrict access to certain areas of the store. For example, order managers will be able to see only sections and buttons related to orders such as View orders, Sales reports, Shipments, and so on.

That’s how privileges for administrators and other employees work in CS-Cart php ecommerce platform. Remember that privileges are set through user groups.