Lesson 7. CS-Cart Appearance Settings — Part 1

This is another settings guide this time dedicated to appearance settings of CS-Cart e-shop solution. In the first part of the guide we speak about a section called Administrator Settings. Appearance settings in the Admin Panel can be accessed via Settings → Appearance.

The first setting on the list is the Backend default language setting. The language set here is used for new administrators who log in CS-Cart open source shopping cart system for the first time. After that the language can be set through the panel at the top of the page.

The next setting is Elements per page. It defines the number of elements displayed on one page of the admin panel by default. For example, 10 orders per one page, 10 products, and so on.

The last one here is Default WYSIWYG editor. It determines what type of the WYSIWYG editor to be used in the Administrator panel. The editor can be used to fill products and categories descriptions, create information pages, and much more. All presented editors differ from each other greatly, but we recommend to use the default Redactor editor because it has all the necessary options and it is easy to use.

That’s it about appearance settings that are used in the Admin panel of CS-Cart secure shopping cart software. The next part will be about appearance settings related to the storefront of your webshop software.