Are you thinking about launching an ecommerce startup? One of the main challenges future entrepreneurs encounter when starting a business is the choice of niche. Today, online marketplaces push out traditional single seller stores, and more and more businessmen go into eCommerce to start their own virtual malls.

But the problem with the choice of niche stays. Some go for product marketplaces like Amazon, but unfortunately, many of them fail because of strong competition in the product niche. Some start successful food marketplaces, some—accommodation booking, and some—a cab booking website.

In this article, we’d like to speak about the latter—an online taxi booking website and what software for taxi companies you’ll need to start your own cab company.

Did you hear about Uber? Of course, you did because it's the number one car booking service in the world. If you want to start your own, it’s a wise move to copy the best ideas from successful companies. No, of course, you shouldn’t clone Uber to 100 percent—just look at their website and the mobile application, request a cab online from them and see how they work. Then, just copy the best parts and implement these ideas to your online taxi business.

We recommend you checking these features of Uber:

  • The simplicity of the website navigation. See how it is easy to use the Uber online taxi booking website. Check the locations of menus, switches, tabs. Pay attention to the design and the colors.
  • The mobile application. A modern online taxi booking software must support a separate mobile application. This is a must have feature and you won’t succeed without an app.
  • Availability of a mobile app. Make sure you can download the mobile application for both iOS and Android right from the website. You need to place the application download links to the footer or anywhere else on the home page.
  • Mobile app simplicity. Install the Uber application to your smartphone and request a cab online—do all the things a user usually does. Pay attention to how simple the application interface looks.
With these points in mind, make an online research to find the most suitable online taxi booking software that you will use to build your website on. And this is the most important step because a lot of things depend on the software platform of your site.

How to start an online taxi booking website on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

What is Uber, actually? Uber is basically an ecommerce marketplace selling services. More precisely—taxi booking. On this marketplace, drivers are sellers and riders are buyers—a traditional multi vendor marketplace model.

So, to clone Uber, you need your main website to be built on an ecommerce marketplace solution. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is one of such solutions—it’s a professional self-hosted virtual mall script. It can also be addressed as software for taxi companies.

The main advantage of the CS-Cart marketplace script is that it is super customizable. You can flexibly configure its functions and design in the admin panel, plus it has an open source code, which gives you almost unlimited modification possibilities.

Another great advantage is that Multi-Vendor ships with a pre-build mobile application for iOS and Android that is uploaded to the app stores by the CS-Cart developers and is synchronized with your main website. No need to develop an application from scratch for thousands of dollars.

And what if you are not sure if a cab booking website is what will really work for you? What if you’re in doubt if this is the right choice of niche? These thoughts are normal. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor helps here, too. It has a perfect cost-functionality ratio and it’s a great software to test your marketplace idea without spending thousands of dollars.

Try all the functions of CS Cart Multi Vendor in a free 15-day personal demo—make sure the software suits for your niche. The demo is hosted on our server so you don’t need to install and configure anything—just leave a request and we will create a free demo for you.

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