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ShopClues is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world and the largest in India. It’s literally India’s Amazon. It has millions of products, multiple mentions in mass media, and a bunch of awards. The marketplace was founded in 2011 and in 2012 became India’s First & Largest Fully Managed Marketplace. Read case study
  • 12 million monthly visits
  • 350,000 vendors
  • 28 million products
  • 1,000 employees
  • 30,000 locations

An eCommerce website Nguyenkim is the largest electronics online supermarket in Vietnam. It’s headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City. The marketplace sells household appliances, refrigerations, computers, recreational, and telecommunications products from world-famous brands. It was established in 1992 by the owner—Nguyen Van Kim as a small electronics e-shop and has grown many times since then.
  • Top 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam in 2008-2009
  • Top 10 best customer services in Vietnam in 2009
  • Top 50 popular brands in Vietnam in 2008
  • Leading retailer in 2008
  • Top 500 regional retailers in Asia-Pacific from 2007 to 2010

Marmelada Market is a marketplace from Israel for people who care about their comfort and look for high-quality items only. The company focuses on creative entrepreneurs who use Marmelada Market to sell what they make or curate, the shoppers looking for things they can’t find anywhere else, the manufacturers who partner with Marmelada Market sellers to help them grow, and the Marmelada market employees who maintain and nurture our marketplace.
  • 140,000 products from artisans and small factories
  • Over 1,000 Mediumes connect with buyers through the marketplace
  • Israel’s leading cloud-based, online commerce platform and marketplace designed for small Mediumes and independent designers
  • Marmelada daily newsletter with lifestyle recommendations is sent to over 10,000 of people for 10 years
  • 72,000 community members
B2C is one of Vietnam’s largest online marketplaces selling apparel and shoes. What’s interesting about this marketplace is that it’s not only an e-commerce platform to connect buyers and sellers but also an online magazine about fashion and lifestyle and one of the major lifestyle media channels in Vietnam. The marketplace offers apparel that expresses Vietnam’s street style. The company’s mission is to be the first gateway for local fashion brands to the global market and become the biggest Vietnamese fashion community.
  • The company was established in 2016 and the marketplace started in 2017
  • The first online fashion platform in Vietnam, combining online magazine and shop
  • One of the biggest fashion community in Vietnam
  • 256,000 Facebook followers
  • 77,000 Instagram followers

Wikifarmer has been established as the Wikipedia of farming worldwide, according to the United Nations. Their knowledge base has been accessed by 4 million people worldwide, Wikifarmer is becoming a platform where people can search for anything related to agricultural production (agricultural products, availability, prices) and safely purchase online anything they want. Their mission is to empower and educate farmers across the world.
  • 600 farmers are ready to provide buyers with fresh products
  • Wikifarmer is the first user-generated online farming library
  • A detailed knowledge base about agriculture in 12 languages
  • 4 million people have visited Wikifarmer’s knowledge base
  • The first platform where buyers can order farmer products globally

Unimall is an eCommerce marketplace that connects small Mediumes, wholesalers, and retailers with buyers in Azerbaijan. This is the biggest multi-seller eCommerce store in the region. The marketplace offers only original products—no counterfeits, so the buyers are sure they’re getting high-quality stuff. This is a traditional all-in-one marketplace that sells products from local companies and contributes to the stability of regional economics.
  • Over 20,000 SKUs
  • 134,000 Instagram followers
  • The largest multi-seller eCommerce website in Azerbaijan
  • Key feature—only original products
  • Special product verification procedure that eliminates counterfeits
B2C is a service marketplace in Vietnam. They offer wedding services: ideas, organization, planning, and everything. This is the largest website in Vietnam for wedding planning. Here, you can order wedding promotion, planning, find some cool wedding ideas, choose a restaurant, manage your guests, and whatnot. Over 8,000 wedding services providers are at your disposal here.
  • The largest website offering wedding services in Vietnam
  • Over 8,000 providers
  • Over 100,000 wedding ideas on the marketplace
  • Over 600 restaurants are at your service on the marketplace

Yumbles is all about yummy hand-crafted food. It unites over 1,200 small-batch food and drink makers throughout the United Kingdom. When buying from Yumbles multi-vendor marketplace, customers order directly from food producers. When producers get the order, they start cooking right away. They only use 100% natural carefully-picked ingredients. This approach guarantees the healthiness and freshness of their food and drinks. Read case study
  • Over 7,000 yummy products in the catalog
  • Over 1,200 food makers all over the UK sell on Yumbles
  • 21,000 followers on Facebook
  • In November 2014, Yumbles won the title of Food & Drink Website of the Year at the Good Web Guide Awards.
  • In 2014, Yumbles supported FoodCycle, in their 5th anniversary campaign by donating the cost of a meal to FoodCycle with every purchase.

Svetofor is a true Amazon of Kyrgyzstan. This is a large classic all-in-one online marketplace. The catalog counts over 90,000 products from 2,000 brands. The marketplace offers lower prices than its competitors, plus super fast delivery within 60 minutes! The marketplace has 15,000 daily visits. The seller competition is healthy here: over 3 sellers sell the same product but offer different conditions and prices.
  • #1 marketplace in Kyrgyzstan
  • Over 90,000 products
  • 2,000 brands
  • 60-minute delivery available
  • 15,000 daily visitors

Teclacenter is a musical instruments marketplace from Brazil. This is one of the oldest national musical instruments companies: it has been in Medium for 15 years now. The marketplace sells musical instruments from world Larges—Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Harman, and others. They have a physical showroom where anyone can try and buy an instrument, have a chat with other musicians, and, of course, get inspired!
  • One of the oldest eCommerce retailers of musical instruments in Brazil—selling for 15 years
  • 50,000 satisfied customers all over Brazil
  • 300 partners
  • 253,000 Facebook followers
  • Works with world’s leading musical brands

DroneNetTR is a Turkish online marketplace selling drones. It offers new drones as well as used ones sold by third-party sellers. Plus, it presents their own Turkish brand—ADEN. This is the first and the only drone developed in Turkey. The marketplace was founded in 2019 in Ankara by the parent company SHENZHEN HUBSAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Here, you can also order drone maintenance and learn how to control drones.
  • Over 220 drones and spare parts
  • Offers a course teaching how to fly drones
  • Educated 5,000 students to fly drones
  • Offers all drone services including spare parts, maintenance and flying education
  • Developed their own brand of drones

Sadovod is a huge brick and mortar market in Moscow. It’s one of the biggest markets in Russia. This eCommerce marketplace represents Sadovod's catalog online. Here, you can buy the same products that are sold on the market. Sadovod doesn’t look like a traditional market—it’s more of a shopping mall with several floors, escalators, and large goods elevators.
  • 90,000 square meters
  • 2,000 sellers
  • Over 85,000 products
  • 3 floors
  • 6 goods elevators

This is a hardware store from the United States that was born in 1995 as a part of a “do it yourself” website about home improvement. The owners already ran a small offline hardware store back then. Now the company has its own large distribution center with over 150,000 products. As the owners say, this is 5 times more than most big box chain stores carry. This is one of the largest hardware retailers in Virginia.
  • Over 25 years on the home repair and improvement market
  • 150,000 products in the warehouse
  • The company has its own distribution center
  • 5 times more products that in other hardware retail stores
  • One of the largest hardware retailers in VA


CDEK.MARKET is one of the biggest all-in-one eCommerce marketplaces in Russia. It’s a project by Russia’s most popular private carrier service CDEK. This marketplace is one of the pioneers in Russia’s marketplace boom. When it started, the number of sellers grew to 4,500 in the first month. It’s also one of the friendliest marketplaces in Russia—it’s super easy to use for customers and it offers favorable terms for sellers.
  • Over 1 million products
  • Over 10,000 sellers
  • Delivers to 220 regions in Russia and outside the country
  • Over 1,500 offices across Russia
  • 200,000 daily customers

ShakeDeal is a B2B procurement platform for all indirect procurement of industrial goods and supplies. ShakeDeal's proprietary tools help buyers in their efforts to source industries directly from the source of the supply chains. The marketplace partners with leading and top brands in various verticals, such as power tools, hand tools, safety equipment, testing and measuring tools, machinery, construction materials, electricals, fasteners, hardware, etc.
  • 1,000+ registered sellers
  • 4,000+ B2B customers
  • 300,000+ products
  • 21,000+ orders delivered
  • Multiple press mentions: MediumLine, DailyHunt, Inc42, and others

Homiez is an e-commerce marketplace established in 2018 in Bahrain. It is one of the first platforms that focuses on vendor visibility offering easy access to daily related services and products within the same reach. Homiez aims to make consumers’ online shopping easier and connect them with various trusted local vendors. The marketplace provides local vendors with an opportunity to become more recognized in the local and regional markets.
  • 260 registered product and service vendors
  • Over 100,000 SKUs
  • The first marketplace in Bahrain that focuses on promoting vendors

Tokemar is a Japanese online marketplace selling watches. This is a multi-vendor project of the parent company called Daikokuya. It’s one of the largest watch retailer chains in Japan with headquarters in Tokyo. The company was founded in 1979 and since then it has opened over 300 brick and mortar shops in the biggest cities of Japan.
  • 6,600+ watches is sold through the marketplace
  • 340+ brick and mortar stores across Japan
  • 450 employees
  • Belongs to one of the largest watch retailers in Japan
  • True family Medium

Milework is an eCommerce marketplace from Thailand selling automotive parts and tools. The marketplace connects car owners and mechanics directly with part suppliers, which allows the marketplace to keep prices lower than average market prices. They offer a 7-day money-back guarantee if the part is faulty or doesn’t fit. There’s also a great blog with useful articles and a YouTube channel with videos on how to maintain and repair a car.
  • 28,000 followers on Facebook
  • 6,600 subscribers on Youtube
  • 100+ employees

Precious Plastic is here on a big and important mission—to create an alternative global plastic recycling system. This is a community of people who want to make our planet cleaner and reduce plastic waste. The company offers plastic recycling machines and products made of recycled plastic. Everyone can join the community: get a recycling machine and start creating products out of plastic and sell them.
  • The project is composed of more than 40,000 people
  • Counts over 400 workspaces in the Netherlands
  • All the information produced by the project such as codes, drawings, and source materials are available for free online
  • The city of Eindhoven provided them a big workspace free of charge
  • Multiple mentions in press including Forbes

Thulo is an all-in-one marketplace from Nepal. This is the biggest eCommerce website in the country with over 50,000 products and fast free delivery. The company’s mission is to serve a maximum number of customers, providing the best customer service possible as per industry practice. The founders are a group of socially aware entrepreneurs with a vision of building "the digital ecosystem" that transforms Nepal into a first-world nation.
  • 50,000+ products in the catalog
  • 50,000 community members
  • The largest online supermarket in Nepal
  • Super fast free delivery within 24 hours or less

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