One-page Checkout

Research shows the more pages the checkout process consists of, the more likely the customers will abandon the cart. Cutting down the number of checkout pages to a single one greatly reduces your chances of lost sales.

CS-Cart shopping cart software provides the most efficient one-page checkout system, without sacrificing its functionality. You get both a user-friendly interface and the ability to checkout in a way that is becoming more and more popular among customers. With CS-Cart's one-page checkout customers can return to the previous steps to change their information at any time. If users are registered at the store, they only need to log in and they will automatically be taken to the final step – choosing the payment method. Moreover, customers have the ability to view both the cart content and all the checkout steps simultaneously, as well as edit their orders, without leaving the checkout page.

one-page checkout

Figure 1. One-page checkout: first step

one-page checkout

Figure 2. One-page checkout: final step