Nowadays, the stores of the virtual type have simply gained a wide popularity on the market. And the reason is obvious - it is much more convenient and cheaper to make purchases, sitting at home in a comfortable chair. In addition, it is also worth noting a diverse assortment of online stores. After all, at such places everyone can find everything that his heart desires. However, there is one simple question: how to make your own online store? Today it is not a problem, for those who wish to create a virtual store of their own as there are special programs will help to do it easily. Create a virtual market by yourself - is a quite complicated task. The creator will need good equipment carefully chosen for his requirements. There are a lot of programs that help to create virtual stores. Some of them are specialized; others have this feature bundled with other functionality. The competition in this area is quite serious. For someone who is far from all this, it can be difficult or even impossible to deal with this alone. However, nowadays it is quite easy to find a way out of this situation by purchasing high-quality assistant that will do all the work by itself.

What software type is better to choose? Programming solution producers offer convenient and understandable ecommerce business software, which is easy enough to manage even for beginners. Often, services offer an engine, a script, a CMS online store for free. There are many popular ones that have quite a lot of extensions. With the help of detailed step-by-step instructions of installation, any user can easily cope with such software. Basically, these ecommerce platforms are designed for small sites. However, over time, at the end of the deadline, the version must be paid. The latest CMS models have a well-established SEO system. Internet shop will be detected by search on the nearest positions. Therefore, chances to rapidly attract the customers to the site are greatly increased. Also, it is possible to choose the appropriate version of the design of the online store among the submitted samples. After creating an online store with such a program, it remains only to monitor the work of the site and periodically make the necessary changes. However, at first, it is desirable to decide what tasks the future CMS should perform and then choose one of two software options that allow building successful virtual store. Each type of such solutions has its advantages, disadvantages and features.

The first option is to create own site management system (CMS) that will fit creator’s requirements. This option is suitable mainly for very large or non-standard online stores, in which many non-standard functions need to be taken into account, which is best to do from scratch. However, this version has many drawbacks. There are 3 main ones:

  1. The cost. Of course, creating a new quality solution from scratch is always much more expensive, this is probably the main drawback.
  2. In this case, it will increase by several times compared to the development with use of bought simple shopping cart software.
  3. Many CMS that are for sale have already passed a bunch of security tests, while a personally created system is still requiring such testing,
Due to this, the development of personally made platform is used quite rarely, especially since there are many classy shopping cart solutions available for the purchase that can be independently developed. Such an e-store solution is the second option suggested for virtual shop creation. The choice of these solutions suggested on the market is a rather large - they have variety of functions and different prices. They usually have official technical support, good functionality, high security and productivity, free updates, etc. The main drawback is that the user has to pay for the license, and the final cost of software will be bigger than while using its free analog.

Advantages of using software for an e-commerce website:

  1. A profitable method of implementation. The cost of a commercial CMS license is much lower than the development of its own solution and site design.
  2. Ease of maintenance, provided by optimal administrative functionality.
  3. Specialized functional allows carrying out optimization of the commercial activity in the World Wide Web - SEO-optimization and means of statistical analysis.
  4. The possibility of extending the ecommerce platform, since the basic configuration of the control system is not a final stage.
  5. The ability to scale. CMS is initially developed with a huge margin of safety, so any Internet project is easily deployed to a large-scale commercial portal.
  6. It is not necessary to purchase expensive hosting. Even if the online store receives a large flow of orders, the server script should cope with it.
  7. There is support for several payment platforms, including PayPal, WebMoney and etc.. An "Assist" system is connecting for making a payment with use of bank cards.
  8. There is no need to create pages independently, to form a menu. There is a visual editor for beginners.
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