This is a good idea for a successful business. An e-commerce marketplace platform has long become common among Internet users. Web opens a few dozen, and maybe hundreds, of online stores in the world each day. The reason for this is the growing number of buyers who prefer to use virtual stores to buy everything they need. The advantages for every buyer to use e-commerce are clearly obvious:

  1. Maximum convenience, since any product like for example teapots or even car, can be ordered at any time of the day. No matter where you are, at work, at home or in some Internet club. There is absolutely no need to go around many different shops in order to find the needed product, so this is a saving of time and money.
  2. All buyers receive a sufficiently large amount of all the necessary data for comparison about different companies, different products, as well as information about the competitors in the market. This allows concentrating on the main - price guarantees and quality of the product as a whole.
  3. The human presence is completely excluded, thus, each buyer doesn’t depend on the mood of sellers and various consultants.
  4. There is no another supermarket to provide with such a diverse choice of goods and services, like online stores.
  5. Numerous online stores provide goods for sale at lower prices than at all ordinary stores.

Multi-Vendor is a progressive version of CS-Cart Professional. It allows creating not just virtual shops, but whole online shopping malls. This is an ideal solution for big online stores, working with a huge number of independent providers, as well as online supermarkets with many departments. This is a productive component for creating an online trading platform with the ability to register many sellers or suppliers. Each of the sellers can operate his small department there, set the price, methods of delivery and implement other actions. Each online vendor can have his own group of users (for example, the one who manages the goods, the one who manages the orders, etc.) there are flexible settings of access rights for each user. In addition, each seller can have his own method of payment and delivery of goods. With the help of a Multi-Vendor ecommerce website everyone can easily make profit from stores that place their goods on the website. It is also one of the most functional extensions for the e-commerce market. It has more features than many other ecommerce extensions. This is a comprehensive commercial module for managing suppliers in its own e-commerce shopping center. The functionality of the trading platform turns any online store into an online marketplace, similar to the well-known Amazon or eBay.

Main features:

  1. Editing of goods from the front of the site.
  2. Transferring the control of the store to other accounts.
  3. Allows other vendors to sell their products in owner’s store.
  4. Flexible installation the rights of sellers and suppliers to manage and edit the goods.
  5. Set up store’ fees for suppliers and products.

Features of the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor online marketplace builder

Lead Administrator: the leading administrator of the online store has full access to all sections and settings, as well as the products of each supplier, which makes it possible to implement a full control over the vendors.

Several independent sellers in one online store: sellers have full control over the management of goods, sales, invoices and deliveries using a personal intuitive control panel.

Income for the owner: the owner of an online marketplace builder receives a fixed fee for each order received through seller’ accounts. The commission is formed in two ways:

  1. on the basis of a fixed amount from each sale, not dependent on the total value of the sold product or service,
  2. based on the rate in % of the value of the sold goods/services.
Integration with third-party programs: as in the case of a regular online store, the basic capabilities of the multi-vendor trading platform can be expanded with the help of third-party modules. Integration with 1C, delivery services and payment systems is acceptable.

Unlimited number of suppliers: it does not matter how many suppliers were registered, their number is unlimited, that will allow expanding online store in the future.

A lot of shop windows in one store: while goods adding by independent suppliers, each one will be displayed in the general catalog of the store, which allows visitors to purchase goods from different suppliers in one online store.

Admin panel for each vendor: each vendor is provided with its own administration panel, which will ensure orderliness, as suppliers will not interfere with each other and set their values ​​for third-party products.

Payments to suppliers: the accounting reporting is formed in such a way that the history of operations for each vendor is monitored and stored, which makes it possible to maintain accurate accounting.

Delivery methods for each vendor: each supplier can customize individual delivery methods, while customers who make an order from different suppliers can choose individual delivery methods for a particular product.

Payment processing: after payment of the order, all funds go to the main administration panel, thus, to the chief administrator, who distributes funds between suppliers relying on the order history.

This profitable platform has even more of useful features that can be fully check only after using it personally. Building an online marketplace is a great chance to start a rather successful business in the trading sphere.

If you have some doubts related to the convenience and usefulness of our online marketplace software, browse through our FAQ and get answers to your questions.

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