With the development of the Internet, the once complex and lengthy booking of a hotel has become a matter of 5 minutes. A lot of booking websites appeared. Not the last role was played by Booking.com. Thanks to this service, you can find ready-made solutions and rent hotels in every corner of the planet.

The history of Booking.com began in the mid-90s. Then a student of the Technical University of the Netherlands Geert-Jan Bruinsma went to Budapest. The room he booked was far from desired. There were no photographs or other data about the room.

Bruinsma had an idea - to create a hotel reservation system with offers from different hotels with detailed information and photos of rooms. Travel agencies, which at that time linked tourists and hotels, also provided favorable conditions for this. But few people wanted to overpay for their services.

Bookings B.V. was created in the spring of 1996. For its launch, it took about 50 000 euros collected by Geert-Jan’s friends. They became the first shareholders of the booking script. Bruinsma began to personally ring up hotels in different European cities and ask them to send advertising leaflets with pictures of rooms. With the help of a scanner, images appeared on Booking.com web pages.

The company immediately encountered difficulties. First, a year earlier, Microsoft created Expedia.com, a site for finding flights and booking hotels. Secondly, Booking.com relied on the Internet for its work. But at that stage it was less common in Europe, compared to the United States. In 1997, there were only a dozen hotels in the Booking.com database, although even then users could book them on their own.

A successful strategy allowed Bookig.com to win a competition with American services: the company focused on small hotels. Besides the service, unlike the rest, did not charge a 30% commission, limiting only 10-12%.

Radical innovations won the loyalty of users. For example, they did not need to make an advance payment before checking into a hotel. And hotels, in turn, were entitled to quickly adjust the price for their services. Smashing success followed: already in 2005, over 7,000 hotels cooperated with Booking.com, and the financial turnover was determined by 25 million dollars.

If you wonder how to make a website like Booking.com read about what features are necessary for a booking script.

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What features make Booking.com successful?

Booking.com is the leader among services for independent search and booking of hotels worldwide. This status can be based on 5 main features:

  • Wide choice. The Booking.com database contains 28,492,189 declared accommodation units in 131,381 destinations in 228 countries. Like joking on Booking.com, you can find a variety of options: from 5-star hotels and hostels to tree houses and an igloo.
  • User-friendly interface. Booking.com is translated into 43 languages, there are many search filters and a list of additional conditions in booking software. For example, you can cut off hotels with paid cancellation or full prepayment.
  • Support. Booking.com has a 24/7 support service. You can get help from it in more than 40 languages. You can ask for help both during your stay at the hotel and after.
  • Guarantees. After booking a room, you will receive a reliable advocate for your interests in the face of Booking.com. For example, if the hotel refuses to settle you according to the reservation, a representative of Booking.com will be in charge of resolving the dispute.
  • Real reviews. No representative of the hotel (including its owner) can buy or delete reviews. This will violate the policies that Booking.com adheres to. The authenticity of the reviews is carefully checked. And the best options for a living fall into the Privileged Program.

What Booking clone script to choose?

When making your desicion on what booking software to choose for your online hotel reservation system you should keep in mind the features listed above. They are really a must for all booking websites.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor provides all the features a Booking.com clone script needs to function perfectly. Besides, CS-Cart booking script includes:

  • geolocation
  • over 70 built-in payment methods
  • a mobile application
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