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Video Report: Changes to Multi-Vendor in June 2020


This video is a brief summary of how Multi-Vendor has improved in June 2020. Although this video focuses on Multi-Vendor, there are some things that may also interest CS-Cart users: attachments as links (8:09), interface improvements (11:52, 12:26), the solution to the problem with Google Chrome 83 (13:50).

What we’ve done in June 2020
0:44 — own settings for storefronts in Multi-Vendor Ultimate
2:18 — a setting for collecting taxes from vendors (due to U.S. marketplace facilitator laws)
3:08 — a way for vendors to access their admin panels easily
3:49 — notifications about debt for vendors and admins
5:21 — improvements to common product management
6:08 — simplified vendor approval flow
8:09 — storing product attachments as links
10:15 — Apple Pay and Google Pay compatibility with direct payments and common products
11:03 — other improvements
13:16 — bug fixes
13:50 — solution to problem with progress bar Google Chrome (it’s older than June, but still needs to be announced)

Future plans
14:40 — easier import for vendors
16:26 — other plans
17:16 — approximate release time for 4.12.1

Promised links
Solution to problem with progress bar in Google Chrome 83

Best places for functionality suggestions:
– If you own CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor
– If you haven’t bought CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor (or don’t have Help Desk account)

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