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Video Report: Changes to Multi-Vendor in August 2020


We have prepared a video report on what we’ve improved in Multi-Vendor in August 2020, and what we’re planning for the future.

The most important topics are different add-on settings for different storefronts, improved notification management, future plans, and the upcoming release of 4.12.1.

What we’ve done in July 2020

  • 0:59 — different settings for add-ons depending on the storefront
  • 4:04 — relevant notifications for different staff members
  • 6:14 — the release of version 4.11.5 with PayPal Commerce Platform and more
  • 7:09 — improvements to the list of vendors in the admin panel
  • 8:26 — Facebook Pixel now tracks order total and currency
  • 8:53 — bug fixes

What we’re planning to do

  • 11:25 — simplifying the settings (a uniform mechanism for global and individual settings)
  • 14:15 — other plans: the interface of third-party add-ons, mobile application, help section in the admin panel
  • 16:25 — the release of version 4.12.1 and its functionality
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