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Twigmo 3 is released!


Today, we are happy to introduce to you Twigmo 3 release and new Twigmo plans and pricing.

Twigmo 3 is based on AngularJS framework for better performance and faster development in the long run. Also, it includes a powerful visual editor that allows you to customize the mobile store look’n’feel easily and quickly so that it matches your desktop store design.

New plans and pricing

Together with Twigmo 3 release, new plans & pricing have come into effect. The main point is that all Twigmo plans are now no longer product quantity dependent and differ only in features. We believe it is more fair to pay only for the functions you use no matter how many SKUs you have in your product database.

The new Starter free plan is limited to one default theme and a mobile product catalog without checkout (customers are offered to buy a product via desktop checkout). Visual Editor is available on all commercial plans while additional design themes (up to 10 soon) are included in the plan Plus only. Later this year, we plan to offer an option to have your own store application for iOS and Android.


As soon as all the required files are upgraded in your CS-Cart installation (automatically in Twigmo 2.3+ or manually in the earlier versions), it will be required to connect your CS-Cart store to the Twigmo service once again (under the Twigmo account tab).

After that a special 7-day Twigmo trial period will start during which you should select a new Twigmo plan for your store. This can be done via the new Twigmo Control Panel (click the button Control Panel on the Twigmo 3 add-on settings page in your CS-Cart to be automatically logged in) in which you can also manage all your Twigmo subscriptions, run Visual Editor, edit profile, etc.

Important: Unfortunately, most custom CSS changes made in Twigmo 2.6 or earlier are incompatible with Twigmo 3 due to its new CSS structure. If you have CSS changes in your mobile site (powered by Twigmo 2.6 or earlier), it will be required to repeat these design changes using Visual Editor (it can be found on the Twigmo 3 add-on settings page in your CS-Cart). The editor also has a text area for entering CSS source code if you need to overwrite some inner CSS classes.

For information: In Twigmo 2.6 and earlier, custom CSS changes are saved in the file ‘custom_[skin_name].css’ in the Twigmo add-on directory. After the upgrade to Twigmo 3 this file can be found under the var/twigmo/3.0/backup_files/ directory of your CS-Cart installation, so that the file content can be used for viewing and repeating the color changes, etc. via Visual Editor.

Attention: Twigmo 2 service shutdown deadline

We announce that Twigmo 2 service will be shutting down on February 17, 2014, so we ask all Twigmo 2 users to upgrade their add-ons to version 3 and connect their stores to Twigmo 3 service before this date. The upgrade takes a minute and fully automatic if you have Twigmo 2.3+, while it may take additional time to transfer existing design changes manually.

Lastly, Twigmo 3 add-on is not available for CS-Cart 2.1.4, only for CS-Cart 2.2.x, 3.x and 4.x.


We have launched a dedicated support portal for Twigmo users that includes bug tracker, idea voting, community forums, etc.

Please visit to ask questions, suggesting new features, reporting a bug or contacting Twigmo support. We are always happy to hear from you.

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Thank you for using Twigmo!

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