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Twigmo 3.4: Speed Boost, Google Analytics full support and more


Today, our Twigmo team released a new version (3.4) of Twigmo Mobile Storefront with many improvements.

Speed Boost

In new Twigmo 3.4, we dramatically changed the function that loads the content of the mobile store pages. Also, we optimized the JavaScript code as well as improved caching of CSS and JavaScript files.

As a result the loading now takes less time than before and in whole the mobile sites generated by Twigmo 3.4 have become much more optimized for mobile browsers. The Google Page Speed tool now grades our demo mobile site as high as 91 out of 100! For comparison, the mobile sites of Amazon and eBay score 67 and 79 accordingly.

Google Analytics full support

The full support of Google Analytics was the most popular request in Twigmo Idea Tracker. And we added it to Twigmo 3.4! The previous versions of Twigmo supported Google Analytics, but the tool captured only the first page visit (because the further mobile site pages were loaded via AJAX without the whole HTML page reload) and it resulted in misleading bounce rate in the statistics. Now this problem is solved.

New theme: Frushop

Twigmo 3.4 also includes a new theme called Frushop (available on the plan Plus only). Like the other Twigmo themes the new theme can be additionally altered via Twigmo Visual Editor.

You can see it in action on the demo page.

Prices including taxes

Finally, the new release has another long-awaited feature – displaying prices with taxes.

Add-on Upgrade

If you are a Twigmo 3.0 or above user, you will receive a notification about the available add-on upgrade in your CS-Cart admin panel. You can start the upgrade from the Twigmo add-on settings page; the rest is done automatically.

You are very welcome to help us improve Twigmo by proposing new features and reporting issues.
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