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Twigmo 2.6: New Skin, Option Combination Images, and More


Today, the Twigmo team is happy to announce the new version of the CS-Cart mobile-friendly kit—

Twigmo 2.6.

Twigmo 2.6 includes the new skin (we called it CupCake):

The new skin can be selected on the Twigmo add-on settings page (in the CS-Cart admin panel) after upgrading to version 2.6.

Furthermore, support for the “option combination” feature was added.

This feature enables a store owner to specify a unique image for each product option combination, such as color and size. It is available under Products→[Product name]→Options→Option combinations in the CS-Cart admin panel.

Add-on Upgrade

If you are a Twigmo 2.3 or above user, you will receive a notification about the available add-on upgrade in your CS-Cart admin panel. You can start the upgrade from the Twigmo add-on settings page; the rest is done automatically.

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