Twigmo 2.3: Auto Update, Category Descriptions, and More


A new Twigmo version has been released today.

Version 2.3 contains some new features, including the long-awaited automatic upgrade feature for the Twigmo add-on for CS-Cart. This means that, after you install this new Twigmo add-on, it can be upgraded in a click in the future — no more server-side file manipulations required. The upgrade tool works separately from the default CS-Cart tool and will automatically download the latest Twigmo add-on from our server and replace the old one, keeping all the settings unchanged. All you need to do is run the process.

Apart from that, Twigmo 2.3 introduces:

  • Category description display
  • ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’ at checkout
  • Minimum product quantity and order amount support
  • Responsive on-screen notifications — the longer the text, the longer it is displayed

Twigmo 2.3 Features

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