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Translate CS-Cart the Easy Way


In this post, we’d like to tell you about a new and more convenient way to translate CS-Cart. We present to you CS-Cart Translator—a brand new tool for collaborative translations for the CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor software.


In short, it’s because we love our clients. Our clients come from 170+ countries around the world. We want our software to be easy to use for anyone, and in their native language. This is why having a robust and convenient translation tool is so important—it’s our key to better customer service.

Previously, introducing a new language to CS-Cart meant that some contributor would take the full responsibility of translating all text in CS-Cart. Then, that person would submit an SQL dump for the CS-Cart team to validate and include in the next CS-Cart version. If there were errors, we would return the dump to the contributor and ask them for a correction. The contributor would resubmit the translation, and the process would repeat until no more errors were found..

If that sounds complicated, it’s only because it is. Apart from that, there was no reliable way to verify the translation quality for some languages (nobody in our office speaks Greek or Chinese, for example).

With the new CS-Cart Translator, contributing to a CS-Cart translation is much easier. Now, anybody can add a new translation for a particular text bit or correct an existing one right in the browser. No more messing with SQL or needing to have a special CS-Cart installation just for translating. All you need to use CS-Cart Translator is an account on the CS-Cart Community Forums.

All submitted translation suggestions will be regularly checked by native-speaking validators, and every new CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor release will include the latest approved translations. You can also download the latest translation for any available language in the .po format right from the project website (switch to the language and click Export at the bottom of the page). A downloaded .po file can be imported into CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor 4.0.2 and later.

By the way, we plan to give free licenses annually to validators and most active contributors, so get involved!

Check out our quick guide to CS-Cart Translator in the developer docs.

This project has just been released, and there will surely be lots of room for improvement. This is where we need your help. Feel free to share your opinion and suggestions here in the comments section.

We also encourage willing contributors to apply for a validator status, which will give you the right to approve (or disapprove) and edit the submitted translation suggestions. Also, your own translation variants will be approved by default. If you’re interested in becoming a validator, contact us at [email protected].

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