Top 5 must-read SEO blogs and resources

It’s too obvious to explain in detail why search engine optimization is so important for online business.  Being one of the most precious sources of highly-targeted traffic, search engines also involve you in a strong competition with other companies for top positions on relevant search queries. That is why at least the basic level of knowledge is a must for every ecommerce professional.

Below we present a small selection of our favorite SEO-related resources which allow to follow the industry news and read fresh materials, at the same time providing basic guidance for beginners. Looking through them, one can gain knowledge in search engine optimization in a short time.


Google Webmaster Central

Official, first-hand information from the world’s most popular search engine is very well detailed. You may find out that the Google makers actually expect from you to achieve a successful ranking and be sure that these techniques are safe for implementation.



Extremely useful for both beginners and experienced professionals, SEOMoz provides a comprehensive set of SEO guides, both free and commercial. What’s even more interesting is that these guides are niche-oriented: for example, dedicated solely to link building, social media marketing or on-site optimization. SEOMoz also provides some very powerful SEO tools, both free and commercial.


SEO Book

Aaron Wall’s standalone ebook called SEO Book used to be extremely popular and still remains one of the most comprehensive guides on this subject. Following modern trends, the author has transformed his resource into a more dynamic educational platform. In addition to commercial training courses, lots of materials (including training videos, glossary, free SEO tools and blog) are available freely.


Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal’s strong side lies not only in extensive coverage of search engine market and its main trends (be it social media marketing or proper link building). What is more interesting from a practical side is that they publish practical examples of SEO tasks, explain different approarches to problem resolution and share various tips and tricks along with detailed statistics. They also provide regular overview of SEO tools and compare their features.


Daily SEO Blog

As you can guess from the title, this is a place for quick, day-by-day learning. While it is good to receive some general understanding of SEO before proceeding with this resource, any advice given here is definitely worth considering for your own search engine optimization strategy.

* * *

Although we have only overviewed the tip of the iceberg, the above-mentioned resources are quite enough to get acquainted to the search engine optimization. We’ll keep writing on SEO and plan to cover its aspects specific for ecommerce a bit later.