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Top 150 eCommerce marketplaces worldwide in 2022

E-commerce sales are expected to grow up to $5.5 trillion and will continue growing within the next few years making $7 trillion by 2025. If that happens, online sales will count 23,6% of all consumer spendings on Earth.

Online marketplaces make a huge part of these sales. Everyone knows Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, AliExpress. These are world’s giant online marketplaces. But can you name at least 10 more? Not everyone can. But the thing is that there are more big marketplaces in different countries. Many are new and growing, many are niche. And in this post, we’d like to share a list of 152 largest marketplaces worldwide and tell you more about them. This top is based on the data from and our own research.

What’s an eCommerce marketplace? It’s an online sales platform where multiple independent sellers offer their products to consumers. Consumers can shop right on the platform by choosing the best offers and checking out without leaving to the seller’s website. Consumers often prefer online marketplaces to offline retailers because of a larger product range, lower prices, and convenient delivery.

Presenting the list of top 152 marketplaces worldwide. These are marketplace with more than one million monthly visits and those that sell new physical products to end consumers. It means there are no B2B marketplaces and marketplaces of used items.

#GeographyCategoryVisits per monthTotal productsTotal sellersRevenue per year
1. AmazonGlobalAll in one5.69B353 million6.3 million$469.8 billion
2. EbayGlobalAll in one2.98B1.5 billion19 million$10.42 billion
3. ShopeeSouth-Eastern AsiaAll in one631.19M180+ million23,000up to $9.1 billion
4. RakutenGlobalAll in one590.84M142 million49,000¥1,681.76 billion
5. AliExpressGlobalAll in one526.4M100 million10,000$5 billion
6. WalmartUSAAll in one514.03M6 million130,000$572.8 billion
7. Mercado LibreLatin AmericaAll in one446.97M222 million11.2 million$7.07 billion
8. EtsyGlobalArt, handmade397.5M60 million5.3 million$2.33 billion
9. TaobaoChinaAll in one333M1 billion8 million$76.3 billion
10. WildberriesRussiaAll in one279.8M8 millon37,000₽18 billion
11. PinduoduoChinaAll in one263.3M5.1 million$14.74 billion
12. TrendyolTurkeyAll in one222.7M347 million1.4 million$3.2 million
13. TargetUSA, AustraliaAll in one206.5M250,000450$2.7 billion
14. FlipkartIndiaAll in one202.4M80 million200,000$5.7 billion
15. AllegroPolandAll in one201.45M21 million128,000$20 million
16. OzonRussiaAll in one196.8M4 million20,000₽104 billion
17. JD.comChinaAll in one186.7M11,000$149 billion
18. ZalandoEuropeFashion170M650,0007,000€8 billion
19. TokopediaIndonesiaAll in one163.8M350 million11 million$28.6B FY
20. LazadaSouth-Eastern AsiaAll in one144.22M300 million155,000$21 billion
21. WayfairUSA, EuropeHome143.14M14 million7,000$4.1 billion
22. MercariJapan, BulgariaAll in one139.52M2 billion9 million$1.21 billion
23. TmallChinaAll in one104.77M1 billion150,000$1,5 billion
24. HepsiburadaTurkeyAll in one97.4M13 million67,000$300 million
25. CoupangSouth KoreaAll in one86.7M18 million$18.41 billion
26. AmericanasBrazilAll in one86.7M2.5 million87,000R$18.6 billion
27. VintedGlobalFashion77.31M180 million$263 million
28. BolNetherlandsAll in one74.4M34 million41,000€4.3 billion
29. KauflandEuropeAll in one73.25M40 million1,400€21 billion
30. AsosGlobalFashion63.16M90,000850£3.91 billion
31. MyntraIndiaFashion56.4M1,50,0005,000INR 2,407 Cr
32. Casas BahiaBrazilAll in one56.0M2.4 million100,000$750 million
33. FalabellaChiliAll in one53.22M8 million6,000$13.68 billion
34. OTTOGermany,
All in one53M10 million400€14.3 billion
35. DiscogsGlobal, USAMusic50.0M62 millionup to $100 million
36. PoshmarkGlobal, USAFashion49.92M75 million4.5 million$0.32 billion
37. DecathlonEuropeSports49.3M50,000300$11.4 billion
38. ZOZOTOWNJapanFashion48.2M1,48643,809 JPY
39. MarktplaatsNetherlandsAll in one46.9M$848 million
40. eMAGEastern EuropeAll in one44.73M$700 million
41. ManoManoEuropeHome44.2M$705,5 million
42. CdiscountFranceAll in one41.4M$808 million
43. MeeshoIndiaAll in one36.43M$5 billion
44. n11TurkeyAll in one36.0Mup to $1 billion
45. Kroger ShipUSAAll in one34.7M
46. NetshoesBrazilFashion34.36M
47. PayPal MallJapanAll in one34.0M
48. FnacEuropeAll in one33.57M
49. GmarketGlobalAll in one31.92M
50. StockXGlobal, USAFashion30.24M
51. BandcampGlobalMusic29.3M
52. DafitiLatin AmericaFashion29.01M
53. OverstockUSA, CanadaAll in one28.81M
54. FarfetchGlobalFashion28.8M$901 million
55. La RedouteGlobalAll in one27.11M$766 million
56. JumiaAfricaAll in one26.86M$42.66 million
57. ExtraBrazilAll in one26M
58. WishGlobalAll in one24.7M
59. HouzzGlobalHome23.26M
60. BukalapakIndonesiaAll in one23.3M
61. Barnes and NobleUSABooks22.2M
62. BlibliIndonesiaAll in one21.2M
63. Qoo10South-Eastern AsiaAll in one20.77M
64. NeweggGlobalElectronics20.02M
65. Trade MeNew ZealandAll in one20.0M
66. ReverbGlobalMusic instruments17.69M
67. Best Buy CanadaCanadaElectronics17.9M
68. noonNear EastAll in one17.6M
69. GunBrokerUSASports16.6M
70. LamodaRussiaFashion15.6M$28.2 million
71. Qoo10 JapanJapanAll in one15.5M
72. FruugoGlobalAll in one14.74M
73. TikiVietnamAll in one14.6M$1,2 million
74. DartyFranceAll in one14.24M$3.7 million
75. AbeBooksGlobalBooks14.04M
76. LinioLatin AmericaAll in one13.94M
77. RicardoSwitzerlandAll in one13.82M6.5 million4.5 million$456 million
78. PontofrioBrazilAll in one13.61M30 million70,000$57 million
79. GalaxusSwitzerlandAll in one13.2M3.7 million$730 million
80. ShoptimeBrazilAll in one13.03M$100 million
81. TakealotSouth AfricaAll in one12.74M2,000$392 million
82. SnapdealIndiaAll in one12.5M$64 million
83. ShopgoodwillUSAAll in one12.3M$5 million
84. SubmarinoBrazilAll in one12.2M700,000$310 million
85. dbaDenmarkAll in one12.2M12.7 million$5 million
86. ConforamaEuropeHome11.73M7,500$374.3 million
87. JoomEuropeAll in one11.56M20 million$64.2 million
88. TraderaSwedenAll in one11.28M$16.1 million
89. WortenEuropeAll in one11.05M$266.6 million
90. TheRealRealUSAFashion10.9M26 million
91. SearsUSA, Latin AmericaAll in one10.56M
92. G2AGlobalElectronics10.2M
93. Desert CartNear EastAll in one9.66M
94. digitecSwitzerlandElectronics9.62M
95. GOATGlobalFashion9.62M
96. DepopGlobalFashion9.6M
97. SpartooEuropeFashion9.45M
98. The IconicAustralia, New ZealandFashion9.32M
99. SouqEgypt, SwedenAll in one9.32M
100. GrailedUSAFashion9.1M
101. ZattiniBrazilFashion8.4M
102. CatchAustraliaAll in one8.4M
103. ZaloraSouth-Eastern AsiaFashion8.4M
104. cdonScandinaviaAll in one7.44M
105. KaspiKazakhstanAll in one7.14M
106. 1stdibsUSAArt, handmade7M
107. GittiGidiyorTurkeyAll in one6.9M
108. AukroCzech RepublicAll in one6.9M
109. BrickLinkUSAToys6.5M
110. PrivaliaBrazil, Mexico, Italy, SpainFashion6.17M
111. Vestiaire CollectiveUSAFashion5.5M
112. WehkampNetherlandsAll in one5.4M
113. VipshopChinaAll in one4.7M
114. morelePolandElectronics4.7M
115. ePRICEItaly, GlobalAll in one4.69M
116. notonthehighstreetUKArt, handmade4.1M
117. OnBuyUKAll in one4.0M
118. MyDealAustraliaAll in one4.0M
119. KongaNigeria, RussiaAll in one3.88M
120. Galeries LafayetteFrance, Near EastFashion3.56M
121. DelcampeGlobalCollectibles3.5M
122. Rue La LaUSAFashion3.4M
123. ShpockEuropeAll in one3.3M
124. Rue du CommerceFranceAll in one3.3M
125. TradesyUSAFashion3.1M
126. BonanzaGlobalAll in one3.1M
127. SendoVietnamAll in one3.1M
128. miintoEuropeFashion2.93M
129. PepperfryIndiaHome2.6M
130. CelRomaniaAll in one2.6M
131. eCRATERUSA, UK, AustraliaAll in one2.55M
132. FyndiqGlobalAll in one2.5M
133. KanuiBrazilFashion2.4M
134. hoodGermanyAll in one2.4M
135. MicoletGlobalFashion2.3M
136. JaneUSAFashion2.1M
137. GAMEUKElectronics2.1M
138. ShopCluesIndiaAll in one1.9M
139. BiblioUSABooks1.8M
140. OkaziiRomaniaAll in one1.7M
141. CoolshopEuropeAll in one1.64M
142. StorenvyUSAAll in one1.6M
143. Ruby LaneUSA, AustraliaCollectibles1.51M
144. SidelineSwapUSASports1.5M
144. ZVABGermanyBooks1.5M
146. LimeroadIndiaFashion1.3M
147. bidorbuySouth AfricaAll in one1.5M
148. AlibrisUSA, UKBooks1.5M
149. mumzworldNear EastKids products1.3M
150. Nature & DécouvertesFranceHome1.2M
151. TrouvaUKHome1.1M
152. Moda OperandiGlobalFashion1.0M
Traffic by SimilarWeb (July, 2022)

It’s no surprise that Amazon and Ebay took top positions—these are the only marketplaces that have over one billion monthly visits. These marketplaces like the most on the list are “all in one”, which means they sell all kinds of products.

Top 10 marketplaces are almost “all in one” except for Etsy. Etsy is the world’s largest and well-known marketplace for handmade items. This is a pretty narrow niche and being in Top 10 Etsy impresses a lot.

The geography of the Top 20 marketplaces is quite broad with a domination of global and Chinese marketplaces. There are also two marketplaces from Russia and a famous marketplace from India Flipkart. A marketplace from Latin America—Mercado Libre takes the 7th place (!). It’s a great result taking into account that the Western consumers have never heard of it.

Quite and interesting fact about Shopee that is on the 3rd place: it started in 2015 in Singapore and entered India in 2022. But after six months it went away from India and deleted its app from Indian Google Play and App Store.

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