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Tips for Choosing Your E-Commerce Domain Name

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To choose the right domain name is always a tedious task for every website owner. It definitely requires a wide extent of thought and consideration. The domain name is your identity on the web and you should always make sure that you choose the best one as per your business. Now, here are some exclusive tips to pick up the right domain name for your e-commerce business.

Include Keywords

You must use the optimized keywords of your e-commerce store in your domain name which can describe your business and the services that you offer. If you do so, it will help you rank your business pretty higher in Google. A professional e-commerce SEO company in Melbourne can effectively help you in this process.

Keep it Short and Easy

When it comes to curating the right domain name of your e-commerce store then make it a point to keep it short and easy to write. Also, your domain must be easily readable and spelled properly. Long and complex names in case of the domain name will create a lot of confusion.

Make Use of a TLD as an Extension

Extensions are nothing but the suffix which comes at the end of any web address. You must choose it based on the type of business that you offer or an organization you own.

Recently, .dom extension is one of the most famous ones. TLD actually stands for a top-level domain. It is also one of the domains at the highest level in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet. Some of the major TLDs that you can opt for are .com, .org, .net, .co and so on.

Go For The Right Trademark

Before you finally make a purchase of the right domain name of your e-commerce store, you need to ensure that the name is not already a trademark. It will indicate the authenticity of the same. Once you are sure enough about such a perfect domain name then just go for it.

Get a Memorable One

If you want to increase the traffic towards your e-commerce store then it has to be a name which is remarkable and memorable enough. You must go for a catchy one which will make your business even more popular.

Search engine platforms and various other social media sites thrive on using the memorable domain names. To pick up an attractive domain name which can make your business stand out from the crowd is one of the best ways to kick-start your business.

Take Help From a Thesaurus

It is always recommended to pick a domain name from the Thesaurus. It will help you choose a brandable and simple one which has a good ring to it. If you’ve to go through tens of various terms before finalizing with a domain then it totally makes sense.

Explore the Domain History via Wayback Machine

It is always recommended to check out the domain history. Wayback Machine is one of the major ways to do that. This is one of the first tools of its kind which can help you give the rightmost idea of domain history. It can let you enter a time machine through which you can have a look at how any website used to appear in the past.

Well, any website doesn’t mean any random website here. Rather, it is about such websites which showed remarkable traffic at any point in time. You can do a check via Wayback Machine and it will finally allow you to notice whether the domain name that you are interested in has been used for something important or not.

Wrapping Up

Aren’t these tips worth enough?

If you want to make sure that your e-commerce store stands out from its competitors, make it a point to choose the rightmost domain name. With these aforementioned ideas, you will definitely be able to get the most perfect one.

What are you waiting for?

Make use of these tricks now, get the best domain name for your e-commerce store and let your business earn a huge success.

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