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The Palestinian National Economic Empowerment Institution Opens a Marketplace on CS-Cart to Help Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises During Lockdown

PNEEI is a young non-profit organization from Palestina, whose mission is to empower vulnerable and marginalized Palestinian families and individuals to extricate them from being unemployed, excluded and dependent on charity and humanitarian aid, to be productive and dependent on themselves, through establishing income-generating businesses and MSMEs.

One of the strategies to accomplish this mission is to create an online marketplace for MSMEs to market and sell their products and services in the lockdown period. We supported PNEEI in its mission by providing them with a free license of our marketplace software CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

If you’re a non-profit or governmental organization, you can apply for a free CS-Cart Multi-Vendor license, too. Read the details in this post.

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