The Hakuna Matata Foundation in Indonesia Starts a Marketplace on CS-Cart to Help Small Sellers

The Hakuna Matata charity organization from Indonesia will launch a marketplace to help local small sellers sell their products online. The marketplace will be built on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. We issued them a license for free within our nonprofit support campaign during the pandemic.

Joseph, the director of the Hakuna Matata Foundation: The Foundation helps the needy in healthcare and education. Because of COVID-19, we have to resort to videos that already helped communities directly and indirectly by donation using contactless payment, so that food sellers (small shop owners) can still make a living. In addition, we also provide a telemedicine platform for those wanting to have a consultation with the doctor but unable to do so because of the travel ban. Our plan is to move the sellers who unable to sell products offline to be online in the marketplace.