The Government of Makueni County of Kenya Launched a Marketplace on CS-Cart to Connect Farmers and Traders with Consumers

Within our support campaign for non-profit and governmental organizations, we have recently issued a free Multi-Vendor license to the Government of Makueni County in Kenya.

The Government has launched a marketplace on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor to allow regional farmers and traders to sell their products directly to the market avoiding middlemen. This has become a real problem since the COVID-19 pandemic started.

The official statement of the Makueni County Government:

Traders and farmers within Makueni county have experienced difficulties in the selling of their produce/products due to brokers and other middlemen who have taken advantage of the COVID-19 crisis to exploit them. It has been difficult for them to get real-time market information and sell their products directly to the market. This has led to poor sales by traders, exploitation, and post-harvest losses on fruits and vegetables being spoilt before reaching the market. On the other hand, consumers cannot get basic commodities at fair prices due to the brokers’ exploitation.

Advances in technology need to bridge the gap between the citizen and the market place and provide a reliable and efficient medium for the citizens in different areas of the county to access markets.

This system, a technology-based solution, will give the citizens a chance to advertise their products efficiently and conveniently, get real-time information on the market place, inform the citizens of the market price for their goods and allow them to compare and sell to those offering a favorable price.