Students of a Technical College in Greece Will Learn eCommerce on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Within our offer for nonprofits, we partnered with technical college in Polygyros, Greece, to offer them CS-Cart Multi-Vendor for free. Students will learn eCommerce distantly by using our platform as a training toolkit.

The college was founded in 1967 and it now teaches 250 students 6 professions: IT, engineering, electronics, construction, management and economy, and health.

Alexandros Androutsos, IT teacher of the Polygyros technical college: I am an IT teacher for the Ministry of Education in Greece and a teacher of primary and secondary education.

During the coronavirus pandemic, we were forced to stay indoors and teach from home. That forces us to become creative and figure out new topics to teach that are better served online.

When I saw CS-Cart’s offer, I immediately thought of a lesson for the students in the marketing department in my school. That department contains students 16-18 years old and covers the 2 final years of their secondary education. IT lessons for that department are focused mainly on management, databases, and tools like CRM and ERP.

I would like to set up a lesson around CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and give each student their own account to manage on a role-playing lesson that teaches e-commerce.

I believe it’s a very good idea and it’s ideal to serve over using both asynchronous and synchronous teaching.